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03 June 2016
on the plot at the tazer soil consists of clay.Size of six acres, it is located in CT.There is electricity, and promised to bring the fall of the main gas.Water is not, therefore, be well drilled.Construction will begin after the bath, how to lower the groundwater level.The size of the foundation for future bath 6h4,2 meters.


baths Construction began in late August 2008.On the work of the foundation he drew Tajiks.Tajiks are working well.With manual workers drill to drill a hole with a diameter of 35 cm to a depth of 2 meters.Just turned 18, the foundation pillars and one in the middle, under the stove.It plans to build out the veranda 5,2h2,5 meters.

for the construction of the foundation chose tazer combined columnar-rostverkovy foundation.The pillars of the foundation are at 1 meter from each other.Work began primarily with the drill holes.Then poured 10 cm of fine gravel and compacted.On top 15-20 cm of sand and also compacted.From roofing made wells and installed in a
pit.They laid fittings, then filled pillars.Concrete pillars for work done manually.On one hole it takes no more than 0.16 m3.And all went 2-3 on pillars of concrete cube.

was then made shuttering, reinforcement and laid grillage filled to a height of 5-7 cm from the ground.Grillage thickness was 35 in width and 50 cm in height.In the middle of the house made one column foundation, which is based on two I-beam in the form of a letter T. One will support the stove and the brickwork, and on the other will be the font of 350-400 liters.After pouring the foundation work had gone on vacation.

foundation for the construction of baths spent:
  • Cement total cost - 11 300 rubles;
  • went on pouring the foundation 5 cubes of concrete - 20 thousand. Rubles;
  • sand KamAZ - 5000 rubles;
  • Kamaz rubble 7 cubes - 12,000 rubles;
  • fittings 100m D-14 mm.- 7500 rubles, and 150 meters free of charge;
  • Brought roofing - 500 rubles;
  • boards for formwork size 50h150 - 5500 rubles;
  • Double T beams - 3000 rubles;
  • Boer - 1 400 rubles;
  • nails, screws, staples - 600 rubles;
  • For work workers took 20,000 rubles.
Total 86,800 rubles


After a while, when the cement has hardened, tazer dug the foundation and began to disassemble the formwork.I chose a lot of ground, dried and folded boards in stacks.And then they became visible jambs.

Air vents at different levels, and some even failed to find.
bottom reinforcement blind area were not in the concrete, and stuck in the sand beneath.
In short, after the holidays, Muhumedzhan - this will work to correct deficiencies.

spring decided to build a bath on their own to save money.

To further continue the construction tazer last winter began to acquire building materials.And in April launched a further construction framing bath.

foundation he processed bitumen, covered with roofing material, on top of more processed flashing.Then again he poured bitumen and set the sill of timber 150x150 mm.She handled "SENEZH" Ognebio Professor - beams and floor joists, whose size 50x200 mm.To the floor joists and Bursa were strapping on one level, it has been put on the harness board.Inside the perimeter of the bath filled about 6 cubic meters of sand.

The next day, the wooden structures treated with hot linseed oil.After drying, the lag and strapping begun to install racks.Corner bath rack frame have a thickness 150h150mm rest 150h50 mm.

Piping made with the release of the veranda.And as the foundation poured four concrete pillar on which rests and tying veranda.Pits under columns made drill diameter of 35 cm at a depth of 1.3 meters.The size of a bath - 6,5h5,5 m, and with a veranda turned - 8,4h5,5 m.

After installing strapping and lag their floor leveled to zero.Beam Rack treated SENEZH and set the angle and the B-pillar framework.Racks joined at the corners and to be sure screws finished nails 120 mm 2-3 pieces on a rack (screws are fragile).All racks lined plumb and secured overhaul.Intermediate racks without frames are simply inserted and fastened in the corners.

for reliability, not to rot the wooden structures, he treated sill logs and mining.

In the next phase it in two days cut to size timber in the upper piping, poles veranda.Fully prepared rough floor boards 22h100 mm, cut to size and processed ognebiozaschitoy.

then install all the rack frame, openings for windows 150sh x 100V and the door 1m on each side - double 50h150 board.

stood firmly to the frame, making it jib.They stand at a 45-degree angle from the rack to the middle.Board size struts 50h150 mm, with a hole in the intermediate rack.The upper harness board 50h150mm he stressed.And in the end it turned out 100 height x 150 width.

Floor beams he made of double planks 50x200 mm.Step beams 59 cm below the insulation.

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