Houses made of beams.

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03 June 2016

height walls of the house should be 3 meters or 20 crowns.To have time to put the winter house with the roof, romeomk decided to simplify the connection beams in the corners.On the one hand the operation is simple, and the other, the day turns to deliver a maximum of 1.5 crown.So we decided to combine beams butt pinching the corners mezhvetsovy insulation.So the speed of erection of walls increased to 3 crowns per day.

During walling every meter drilled holes and put the boards on Nagel.After every four rows of timber corners joining brackets.Under every board puts lnodzhutovoe fiber, which fixes a stapler.

Thus the house grew and in August 2009 made the system slowly to the floor joists, walls of the house, and have already begun to mount floors 2 floors.

On the second floor joists placed using the entire length of the board, and their stykuya the fifth wall.Two hundredth the size of the nails used to nail the joists to the beam and the wall.

overhangs left at the entrance,
as by the entrance will be built terrace.In addition, during construction, bed boards, it was convenient for him to walk like a forest during installation of the roof.

roof.Rafter system

Before construction truss system romeomk purchased screwdriver, screws, nails, angles, plates and level.The roof and attic floor will be constructed from the board 150h50 mm.The width of six meters of the attic.

romeomk first put on the roof rack side and secure with screws at the corners and boards at an angle so that they do not fall.In the middle he set four racks, on the future site of the walls and around the edges (the left and right of the stairs).

six-meter kick it to the rack, using metal plates - 10x20 cm with holes.The result pleased, everything is kept very firmly.

then sets the sloping rafters outside.Is attached to the front beam and a pre-drilled hole.At the top of the rack is attached to the rafters screws using a plate.Top fixed to the rafters of the fortress horizontal boards.


height of the ridge made of 2 meters to roof slope has turned 30 degrees.Then put 5 counters and they fixed fad.The design is equal to the level and fixed boards.

makes the pattern rafters, and it does the rest.Rises to the attic and attached.The length of the rafters is 3.65 m and that the design was reliable, he adds inclined racks from the middle of the board to the ceiling rafters.

That's the end of October, it is time to close the roof.Temporary roof romeomk decided to make of roofing material.It would spread horizontally.In order not to make a hole, I decided to fix the tape.Ruberoid enclosing stacked from top to bottom, the bottom layer under the top.

Fastening of roofing material with tape not justified.For the year to the roofing material of the roof took down three times, so decided to strengthen romeomk bars - so reliable.

Spending on construction budget home from a bar

At first, we had to put in order and finish the existing foundation.It was spent - 10 000 rubles.(Cement), and rebar, sand and gravel mined in abandoned fields of our country.Foundation works produced themselves.

for the construction of walls of the house was bought by the timber: 100x150 - 2 cubes, 150x150 - 22 cube board 100h25 - 1.5 cube board 50h150 - 3 cube.Stapler with staples Nagel - 120 pcs.A 1.2 m long, clamp for timber, flax, jute fiber - 3 bags of 12 rolls, nails, angles, plates in coils - 2 pieces of 10 m, different screws - 3 kg, hand saw, chainsaw Oleo-Mac.
For all this paid - 140 000 rubles.All this was enough to build a box with a frame of the attic.

on a temporary roof and gables painting bought: fastening tape, roofing material - 12 rolls - 3120r, 2 roller 50m - 500r,null, Aquatex - 3 buckets 20L - 9600r, nails, screws - about 1000. 1.5 cube on boardFacade - 7500 p.

On crate attic inside the walls, door, ladder, subfloor spent 2000 rubles.Basically, stocks were used for garages.

At the finish, insulation and waterproofing around two attic rooms.Floorings of planed board 27 mm.and walls lining spent 2 rooms - 40 000 rubles.

Roofing of Ondulin, nails, angles skate cost - 27 000 rubles.

8 posts filled under the terrace.To do this, we ordered concrete mixer 2.7 cube delivery 8500 rubles (fittings and boards from stocks).

Total - 247 500 rubles.

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