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03 June 2016
paved sidewalk tile walkway near the house fox.kissfm going in October, provided that bring the tile September 12th.And yet the tiles, he began to prepare for her place, and above all took an old worn-out blind area.

process of waterproofing the basement home

First of all, he removed the old blind area, and then knocked plaster (coat) with the foundation.He did this to make the foundation for the roll waterproofing and paving tiles to lay on top of it should be part of a "peak" of the new basement finishing.

«Visor" basement or lining it will do in the next year of limestone or artificial stone.And thus, the joint paving and foundation of the house will be under reliable protection from rain.

In the basement, he lined pits and mounds of cement mortar.Foundation paint over the primer Titan Abizol R in places where it will fit tiles, as well as above and below 10 cm. When the primer has dried up, he struck a trowel mastic Titan Abizol ST.And already it has pasted the upper part of the b
anner, the setting on the foundation of the house.

He put a banner and made a 5 cm fold that after dumping schebёnki banner could stretch and did not come off on to the foundation.


way, made changes to the "pie" has decided to still add a geotextile between gravel and sand ...

Features blind area in fox.kissfm

Thickness of rubble, as seen in the photographs, connected:
  • First, the peculiarities of the slope at the site.
  • Secondly, with the principle wastewater, which he sold at.
  • Third, this is due to the fact that there will be a call in a car.
remaining three tracks on the perimeter of the house will have a lot thinner rubble.Schebёnka for the blind area is needed primarily for drainage, and secondly, a sand not support the weight of the car.

Installing curb

Before laying the tile need to put a curb.It is needed as a limiter.Before you put a tile, you need to carefully seal the foundation.If there is no curb, you just can not do it, because the edge will continue to ramp up.

fox.kissfm did so:
  • First, determine the width of the track.
  • Secondly, estimated as in the width of the tiles fit.
  • Third, it is rounded to the nearest whole number of tiles (not cut).
  • Fourth, put the required number of tiles (track width) at the beginning and end of the house
  • Fifth, the rope stretched between them and thus got quite exact line of the border.
Vibropresovannaya tiles

to the blind area, he chose vibropresovannuyu tile.He likes this type of tile.

him she liked the fact that it makes for expensive equipment and therefore it is of good quality.Its thickness of 6-8 cm and it is covered with the city in which he lives.Accordingly, the advantages and disadvantages of this tile is available.

It is cheaper or the same price as a vibrocasting tiles, but much stronger than her.Vibrocasting tiles can be done in every alley, so its quality, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired.

Proper installation otmostki

Standards for manufacturing blind area say that it should go beyond the overhang of the roof at least 20 cm. So for this area, has assumed the soil moisture, without any damage to the structure.In fox.kissfm blind area width of 0.9 - 1m, which exceeds the requirements of the rules.

Saving otmostka

to save money when installing the blind area, you can reduce the thickness of the sand and schebёnki, buy cheap tile.But to eliminate any element of this cake to reduce the cost of the blind area, he advises.

schebёnki reduces the thickness of the sand and to the mind, not forgetting, where the water will go.And do it in such a way that it went as quickly as possible from the walls of the house and does not stagnate.For his blind area fox.kissfm made slope of 2-3 cm.

Figure otmostki

Figure tiling fox.kissfm pre-made on a computer that was not solid lines in the ranks and get such nice step.A pattern did not choose the color, Easy to install tiles of different colors, discordant.During installation there is no shortage of any color, because he knew that he had bought 5 pallets of gray tiles, 2 - black and 2 - yellow.

And here is the final result

Construction costs
  • To remove the old blind area hired assistant - $ 63;
  • purchase 12 tons of granite schebёnki - $ 140;
  • Purchase banner - $ 63;
  • Tile 70m / 2 - $ 625;Tile - the old town.Size (mm): 180h120h55, 120h120h55, 120h90h55;
  • Border 50 meters - 232 dollars.Thickness - 80 x H - 250 x length - 1000;
  • Palisades 15pcs.Size (mm): 700h198h170 - $ 77;
  • Mastic - $ 27;
  • Primer - $ 22;
  • brought 12 tons of sand - 75 dollars.

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