Construction bath.

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03 June 2016
roof frame

After all the struts in the frame baths, tazer started installing ceiling beams.They got two twin boards.They put it on top of the harness.Rafters put on beams, fixed on screws and nails.Then the sides puts vertical planks and fixes them rafters and ceiling joists using rods M6.

up into joints, rafters reinforced metal perforated plate.Step rafters turned 70 cm is not convenient in terms of installation of insulation, but the money was only enough for the number of building materials.According to the calculations of the angle of the rafters turned 50 degrees.The height of the attic floor 2.4 meters.Room size is approximately 6.6h3 meters.More is planned to make the size of the balcony 5.5h1.8 meters.

installing the rafters, the workers made crate roof and covered it with roofing material.When it's time to sheathe the roof frame house board.But because of financial reasons, he calculated the builders, then the next, and the work will be done by himself.He started with the pr
ocessing of all ognebiozaschitoy frame.

to experts

To be sure that everything is built correctly, tazer invited to consult a professional superintendent.He spoke well of the quality of the frame erected, but advised the rafters in the joints of the beam embedded in a special board or the board, but after seeing the props, struts, and other amplification said, and so everything will be fine.

received praise on the construction site, tazer proceeded to trim House board of 22 mm.For half an hour he managed to sheathe one side of the bath-edged boards.This screws ran out, so he had to go to the market and after purchase to continue the work.

for work at height in the wall plating bath ladder as he extended the work was inconvenient.But when did the forest, the work went much faster.During sewing frame, he noticed that the structure of the house has a good rigidity and unsteady.After the wall and laying the floor bath has become strong like a monolith.

at the rear and front gables to support rafters tazer set of uprights board 50h150h200 mm and secure them with nails 150 mm over the edge of the nail 4 on the board.On the front pediment between uprights need to put a horizontal board at the height of one meter from the floor of the attic and put it under the reinforcement ribs - this will be the future sill.

Windows for bath
  • On the first floor of the break room tazer plans to put a window with dimensions - height in 1200 and 1500 width, double-wing;
  • The cleaning of the first floor will put a window of 70 and 60 m.SINGLE;
  • On the second floor in the bedroom, in the area of ​​the rear gable, he will put the size of the window - 1200V and 1500 m.Window double-wing;
  • On the second floor by the front gable balcony door.It will be fully glazed.
Windows will profile KBE expert with 3 glasses, laminated "oak" and binding.Approximate cost without installation - 30,000 rubles.

Work continues on building slowly due to the irregular flow of money for building materials.But even this is not, frame house all sewn planks.Window sills are made, that is the basis for the installation of plastic windows.tazer began to sew gables.First I sewed back, and it was followed by front.Then did the eaves, rough floor and first floor.

Home construction in full swing, and tazer fired.After receiving a salary, he bought 2 25 mm cube board to complete all the rough work in the bath and prepare for the final finishing.

metal door

baths ordered to the front metal door STS EUR 1 from Voronezh.Coating powder.The door is fully equipped with: gum, eyes, mineral wool insulation, 2 locks Guardian, valves, panel MDF inside.The cost of the door 14 900 rubles.Discounts and shipping and installation 2500 rubles.Delivery within 3 weeks.

At the finish of the porch, and he bought the balcony decking Larch P (cheap) cost 400-500 per square.If defects are caught not terrible, they can be treated stain, and will fall if a hole has fallen from a knot, can be repaired with sealant to the wood or construction foam color.

tries on a terraced larch Class A. It cost 1200 rubles.per square, but given area verandas and balconies of 25 squares, it turned out very expensive and decided not to take.

For three days the board 25 mm sewed with two walls of the second floor of an entire ceiling and side pockets.We did the door.She told him she liked, and he paid for it.After 2 weeks, make erection.

quit his job and started looking for a new one.Over the weekend, he would do a rough floor of the first floor and the front gable dokanchivat and after installing the door is expected to come gager windows.

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