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03 June 2016
archie Construction began last year with the correction of errors.Garage to get a little, so he started his extension.To this end, last year demolished masonry, dug a hole for the foundation, zaarmirovali, warmed on the sides of the opening and brought column.

Before beginning of the construction season of 2010 in February archie bought 4 trucks keramoblokov from Samara for "Winter price," advised to take, because the spring will be more expensive.As a result, it was necessary to solve many problems

in the Moscow region was a lot of snow, we had to hire:

  • Tajiks for snow removal;
  • Tractors for snow removal.
  • neighbor's fence was demolished;
  • Otdavleny tray fingers in the cold.
hired manipulator for handling pallets from trucks with loading and subsequent delivery to the same manipulator.On the day of unloading 2 trucks for 10 hours.Pallets made whole home plate.

But there is a silver lining.Due to this fact the construction of the walls began March 26.

to his home archie acquired units - KPTN1.As described by the manufacturer of such unit replaces the volume of 7.3 ordinary bricks (7,3 NF), but in practice one block replaces the 6 bricks.

erection load-bearing walls

As mentioned above, for the construction of the carrier (draft) wall archie used blocks.The width of the load-bearing wall is 25 cm. After every four rows of the grid, he reinforced wall with a small release for the columns.

insulated walls Epps 100 facing bricks and surrounded it will be later.As the lining is going to buy a German brick.The height of his non-standard - 71 mm and for connection with the rough masonry, he will use flexible connections and plugs nailed to the rough wall.

Because pile of bricks, he decided not to put the interior walls, and all the weight is distributed on the exterior walls and columns.With the construction of the wall immediately became visible results of the work of many days, and once it is moral satisfaction from the work done.Progress on the face

Sawing blocks

On the construction of his house archie sawed ceramic blocks turbodiskom grinder with a diamond stone.230 mm diameter saw blade does not get to the center of the block, so the workers first sawing a block perimeter chips cut pieces and then dopilivat central part.Once the experiment has been put disc diameter of 350 mm.During sawing blocks drive much hanging stones batters safety this is not acceptable.

parking place

parking lot archie provided several options.First of all, it will have two-car garage, under a canopy can be positioned more 2 and 3 front of the garage.The area of ​​land intended for recreation will not be occupied by machines.

at "Home and Cottage" he was advised to make a drain in the garage.The garage goes down the tube.In its water by gravity through a septic tank Tapas goes into the sewer pipe.More will be placed along the trench with a lattice gate and drain into the tube.

Despite the criticism of the garage in the house, he thinks that is just the opposite, a garage in the house is very good, convenient and comfortable.

During laying sewer pipes, he does not recommend the use of fittings with an angle of 90 degrees.It is better to take 2 elements of 45 degrees, and then everything will be done without any problems.
If you pour concrete in the place has a heater, make sure it something reliably fix, or under the influence of the concrete it pops up.

Fill jumpers

To fill archie jumpers I decided not to mess with hand mixing concrete and ordered 6 cubes (1 mixer) concrete.Three cubes once used to extend the garage, and the rest with the help of buckets peretaskat workers.For this attracted extra labor.

Pour jumper is not difficult.For this purpose the valves 3 D14 and two downwardly directed upwards.The clamps are made of rod D6 every 20 cm. The height of the jumper at 15h22 see, it all depends on the multiplicity of bricks.

interfloor ladder to make a powerful jumper - laid 125th bracket for ladder frame joints.Poured into a total of 15 columns and 8 the jumpers.

Fill columns

Fill the column is much harder than the plate.It's a pillar height of 3 meters and the size of 25x25 cm and therefore the load on the formwork is significantly increased.Heavy concrete formwork is trying to break.Some columns were reinforced their size 25h55 cm.

in a straight wall formwork columns make it easier.Formwork it contracts no special pins and bushings, and ordinary wire of 3.5 mm.The column was made in the corner, too, I pulled together, and the wire slips into the gap between the blocks inside.

bursting formwork should be well.Because if not immediately poured concrete, dry board, spacers will be free and formwork can be bugged by a few centimeters (1-2 cm).

During pouring columns he used a vibrator.I worked very carefully.I lowered quickly once per meter columns.When the columns were next to each other, he poured them one-by-half meter each for pressure equalization in the masonry between them.

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