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03 June 2016
house project Papahomi pondered and cherished 4 months.The final version he gave the designers.The project Papahomi house is built in the factory of the profiled beam size 145h195

Preparation for construction

decided to build the summer of 2009.But much more remains to be done: to demolish the old house, somewhere to use things, to build a shed, or even two.

As a result, he decided to build the shed itself.Build fall on weekends and holidays, it is difficult, but interesting.The building uses materials from the old house (doors, windows, etc.).While doing shed, time out and continue to postpone the construction of the house can not, therefore, save on change house did not work, and he took it on lease.

unfinished cabins will be completed yet, and will come in handy in the spring.There you can settle both finishers and other artists.

The construction

In early July, a team of builders arrived and brought with her a shed.The same day, after the assessment team started together to a breakdown of
the old house and slowly coped with it for 3 days.We then proceeded to the layout of the basement.

Before pouring the foundation for the formwork he had introduced the board 25h100 mm armatruru D12.


plot on which the house is to be built, goes downhill.At the site of the future construction of the ground consists of a 30 cm layer of fertile, below is loam and clay.In view of these circumstances, he decided to make the MLF - finely zaglublёnnuyu tape section 40x80 cm.

laid in a trench reinforced tape, and on top of poured sand cushion thickness of 30 cmstamped.Then the foundation of reinforced 12 mm valves in three rows of two bars each.To fill unused concrete grade M200.

he ordered to fill 32 cubic meter of concrete or six mixers, concrete vibrator.The process took three hours.The remains of the concrete, he used a piece of the bay access road to the site, which was covered with the remains of the foundations and rammed the old house.The bay foundation, the team left.Neighbors helped in the absence Papahomi - watered three days feed water.

Since the plot slope, exterior part was above ground level by 70 cm, and the back of the house at 30-50 cm below ground level.Around the house will soon be blind area made drainage.He wanted to raise the foundations higher, but then he went up to 40-50% of that so he refused.Do not forget to make air holes.

first delivery timber

During the summer fires in many lumber suppliers have problems with supplies.And the first machine with timbers arrived late for two weeks.By this time the heat has passed, and the rains came.

machine with timbers came on Saturday and he could Papahomi carefully inspect it.At that time, it started to rain and I had to go buy more and more film timber for shelter.He was lucky to suppliers timber.It is directly communicated with the head of production, and always knew when the next party will bring.

Nagel delivered from the bars, jute - mezhventsovogo insulation, all fasteners on the floor joists and roof, 18 liters of colorless dye the ends and slice "TEKNOL JRM.

preservation of lumber produced by the customer directly at the factory. To do this, applied antiseptic" Teknogrund353 "company TEKNOS. According to the calculations it was cheaper than to do it yourself.

How to make acceptance of the purchased timber

First it should be noted that the acceptance of timber should produce people with the trained eye. The fact that to accept or rejectone or the other timber and send it to replace the plant is problematic, even with the manufacturer's specifications on lumber listing allowable defects.

First unacceptable: blue, timber crackedwith resin pockets more than 2-4 per 1 meter, external cavity, and a certain number of knots (how many?)

He has a bar twice, and it was all right.The fifth was six importation of defective parts - they were sent back, and the next day brought new.Prior quality timber builders do not care, except that if the timber is marked with the marriage.And not conspicuous marriage will not notice.In the end, quality control - business owner.


Week team of builders raised the house up to the fifteenth crown.He immediately showed great surround.But over time Papahomi used to it.

to the foundation as a waterproofing was applied two coats of waterproofing.Then, put a timber lining boards 50x200 mm in size, treated antisepitkom Bochemit Forte.To the foundation house is not secured.

the back of the house where the foundation below ground level, it is planned to make a retaining wall and a blind area drenazhёm.To do this, remove the land from the walls so that the foundation was above ground level at 40-50 cm. Then dug a trench under the retaining wall width of 20-30 cm and a depth of 30-40 cm. The trench drilled holes for piles.The holes are reinforced and filled with concrete.Issues associated with the reinforcement retaining wall reinforcement, formwork is placed and filled with concrete.

second floor

five days the team was resting due to lack of timber.And then they brought 25 cubic meters.Its unloaded and work started with a bang.For antiseptic floor beams on the second floor, he applied "Pirilakse 3000".It biopiren antiseptic.He makes a non-combustible timber.I ordered over the Internet.After processing the wood color it became nice - yellowish.Putting the beam continued to erect walls of the house from a bar.

In the manufacture of the walls of the house took 97 cubic meters of timber.House collected fourteen days.Nageli during construction everywhere installed.They counted the number of manufacturers of wall complex.Near windows and doors for strength put two Nagel.In total, the house used 530 pieces.


The project provides home rigid fixation of rafters in ridge metal plates on both sides as well as fixing rafters to the valley metal corners under 135 degrees.

So builders have erected a wall of timber.All the rafters was treated preservative, killed slots under the rafters and set them in place, and now everything is ready for installation of roof system and a temporary roof.

After the roof was made, Papahomi examined her and was pleased.House began priobrёtat finished look.All other work on the house postponed to next year.In the meantime, out of season, it will be determined with a roof, doors, windows.That is to finish the house.This will be the second stage.

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