I build a house in the suburbs.

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02 June 2016
masonry blocks of aerated concrete

The project walls of the house it was decided to build with concrete blocks Ytong D500 300 mm, and then impose a heater Isoroc Izolayt 2x50 mm and make the lining of bricks 85 mm.Masonry blocks made on the glue Yutong.

for insulating walls in masonry, it was decided to lay the reinforcement and to secure it along the wall insulation.In the area of ​​bay windows fitting for fixing a heater placed less often, a little vertical joints where you can lay it.

Aramturu (flexible connection) to secure the insulation laid in the vertical joints of blocks in the block after making the groove angle of the trowel to size - 150 mm in depth,and advocates reinforcement of masonry on as much as it is required.The thickness of 4 mm rod and link turns quite flexible.Reinforcement of masonry will be just under the windows of Yutong technology.Operating units are placed so that the vertical joints between them is 3 mm.

Romi93 bought "flexible communication" in the
amount of 1950 pieces.on the outer perimeter.The cost is 11 000 rubles.

cost of laying concrete blocks is - 1 000 rubles.per cubic meter with the installation of insulation.A square masonry bricks - 600 rubles.per square meter.

tools required for laying concrete blocks technology Yutong
  • Hacksaw - she does not divorce the teeth, and the teeth themselves from hard metal, making it durable.Block sawed quickly and accurately;
  • Planer - 30 cubic meters of concrete missing a plane.The thing is very useful when laying blocks;
  • sanding board;
  • wall chaser.
No need to buy a trowel and corners.Instead, workers were asked to buy the usual trowels and notched trowel, which was much easier to work.


consumption of glue for laying of blocks is around the bag by the cube (this with a stock).Clay proved quality.Thus its cost in comparison with other lower.

After the glue dries, the workers decided to test the strength of the embedded fittings for mounting a heater.Some of them are easily removed hands, and more than half hold tight.As a result of reflection we came to the conclusion that it is necessary for laying blocks tamp them horizontally mallet, holding the adjacent blocks.Or lay in the joints and dowel rods in them to score.

So quietly, row by row, the workers raised the first floor, and come to fill Laying nets.
Floor turned 4 cm above (not considered in calculating the thickness of masonry joints).The size of the windows has been selected correctly, is very pleased Romi93.

Fill Laying nets

First of all, Laying nets for pouring concrete mixer he bought Czech production Zitrek 160 liters worth 10,950 rubles.He brought himself collected.More ordered beams of the first floor and forgotten I-beam to power the belt in the area of ​​installation steps.

as formwork for Laying nets, it was decided to use the blocks of 5 cm thick.Working with pleasure started to implement his plans worked neatly.During the work it became clear that the strength of the adhesive Yutong is so high that when the workers want to stay in 5 hours improperly installed unit they began to break out of his clutches, but could not.As the glue connection is not broken.

Thanks to the forum "Home and Cottage" he corrected their oversight - planted roofing beams under the basement slab in place reliance on Beams.

lately put a wall of the first floor, filled Laying nets.Stacked ceiling of the first floor of an I-beam.Installed steel construction in the center of the house, which serves as a bearing element of the staircase.In addition, it serves as a reliable support beams for hanging ladder aperture intermediate floor.

Typically, using the wooden ceiling beams, wooden doorway doing.For Romi93 it was the most difficult moment and had a lot of doubts.To understand the information he collected, and even went to see a house under construction with a similar structure of wood.But he did not like it, the design seemed weak and not interesting.So he decided to do it from an I-beam 20B1.As a pillar of support used square tube with dimensions 100x100 mm.bearing against the bottom of the dual lag and is fixed on it welded to the bottom corners.

Hanging logs on the one hand based on Laying nets, and on the other on the bottom shelf of an I-beam where she secured a pin passing through.

after these Romi93 have no complaints about the work of the masonry and pouring the first floor Laying nets.Everything is made on the good and excellent.On Laying nets went 3.5 cubic meter of concrete made on site.Cement was surprisingly high quality (made in Voskresensk).

throughout the building he was pleased with the way they hired masons work.They are just great.

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