Country house in the amber region.

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02 June 2016

plot amarrak bought inexpensive, close to the summer residence of the parent, which is located near a small lake.In the area of ​​communications only electricity and gas is not known when it will be.

But this is not the main thing - to plan amarrak wants the cottage was the most autonomous.

Preparation for construction

For the six months of study, design and planning amarrak learned a lot and learned a lot about construction.

I had a lot to draw, modify, invented, to remodel.But the core of all the projects his idea - compact homes.

This results in a house with two full floors, without basement, with a cold attic square shape without protrusions and bay windows.Dimensions Housing 7,5h7 meters.It was built of aerated concrete will.And as the foundation plate will be filled.

Within six months amarrak attention to detail detailed step by step plan to build the walls of the house.

Design solutions

floor plan of the house.Plan conventional and a little outdated, but the highlights are there.

On the ground floor: vestibule, kitchen - living room, toilet, heating.The kitchen and living room are one room, and the zones are distinguished decor and furnishings.The height of the ceiling of the first floor of 2.8 m.
The second floor has a bedroom, dressing room and toilet.There you can climb the U - shaped stairs with zabezhnymi steps.The height of the ceiling of the second floor is 2.5 m.

constructive solution

as load-bearing structures at home using a monolithic slab foundation withvertical edges of rigidity, reinforced walls, built of concrete blocks, and Laying nets first and second floors.

foundations of the house - a plate of reinforced concrete thickness - 30 cm with reinforcement ribs 20 cm under all the walls of the house.

Waterproofing basement - is welded and consists of two layers gidrostekloizola.Load-bearing walls of the house are placed concrete blocks.The thickness of the exterior walls of 40 cm and 20 cm internal.

overlap of the first floor made using wooden beams measuring 150x200 mm with step 0.6 meters.On the second floor slab set of boards and 75h200 100h200 mm with a step of 0.6 m.

Roof decided to leave the cold.The floor and basement house insulated polystyrene plates, overlapping the second floor is insulated with mineral wool.


foundations of the house will consist of reinforced concrete slabs with reinforcement ribs, the up and be warmed extruded polystyrene foam.

The first phase was carried out excavation and foundation marking on the ground with stakes and red rope.Then he was laid geotextile, made drainage and laying of drainage pipes around the perimeter of the foundation.

Then the pit was filled with sand and gravel and compacted vibratory plates.Now is the time to do the formwork for pouring plate.Its made of planks of 50 mm, then replace the level and comp.For stiffness were set props.

then poured footing - preparation for concrete pouring.It is made of low-grade concrete M-150.Is aligned to the sides of the bottom formwork board and the center - to the eye.

After drying her footing amarrak smeared bitumen primer.Consumption primer was larger than specified in the bank.During the day, he safely dry.And then the workers have started surfacing gidrostekloizola first layer.This operation is performed using only the roof and the gas burner.After processing

half slab started to rain, and the work had to be stopped.

mating fittings

Having waterproofing "footing», amarrak started knitting for the reinforcement of the foundation slab.He used the valve A-III diameter 12 and for auxiliary purposes - A-W 10 mm.

amarrak mikrotsokol I wanted to do for their home, and that he was ponadezhnee, connect it with the main reinforcement plate.As a result, at the same time and get mikrotsokol and ribs.

mating fittings manufactured pliers and screwdrivers.As an attachment you can use the Allen key (type D).If you are interested, do not forget to buy a spare battery.

process of mating fittings goes slowly, but despite this, it is moving.And in the end, amarrak successfully completed mating fittings.

Pouring plate

Once the concrete has been ordered at the factory, he began training to fill.Prepared: tray, mops, mark the fill level and other tools.

the appointed day, brought concrete, exactly as ordered.And as ordered in any case more than 10%, the remainder was poured on the film and then filled as a basis for future tracks.


While preparing the foundation for the communications amarrak laid two 200 mm sleeve, they inserted the tube 110 mm in the vertical piece.Adapter 2 joined by 45 degrees, and a horizontal pipe thereto.Depth of the pipe - 0.7 meters. The length of the vertical pipes designed so that they are above the level of the plate and the horizontal tube were transferred outside of the foundation for further otmostku.Pipes plugged on both sides.

For the water and electricity laid the sleeve diameter 110 mm with two adapters for 45 degrees.Sleeve with water laid on depth of 1.1 m and a electricity - at a depth of 0.9 m. Thermal insulation of pipes for water, he did not produce, as freezing depth is 0.8 m.

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