Dream house.

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02 June 2016
construction concept

At Construction house from ceramic blocks are advantages such as:
  • putting blocks faster than brick;
  • house warmer than the usual brick masonry;
  • Solution spent little;
  • Customizing bricks very comfortable using the saw "Alligator";
  • can hang on the wall, which want no problems - screws will not fall
archie insulated house will be 100 mm Epps.Facing brick and still remains a gap of 30 mm that in some places near the columns you can add insulation if needed.

House planned to heat the gas.

Communication facing a supporting wall

to communicate with the carrier facing wall archie decided to use flexible connections.They come in different types.Basalt-Plastic - BPA and BPA, fiberglass - TSA Spa, A - fittings.They released several plants, one of them "Galen" in Cheboksary.Basalt is considered to be more durable.

During construction of the house will be built first rough masonry.A heater will be installed along with the lining.For facing home archie I chose German brick.To fi
x the heater, he looked after a few choices of flexible connections one "Galen", these products is fixed at one end of the dowel.

to install insulation and drill a hole in it clogs flexible relationship with her impaled on a dowel 5 cm under the brick.You may want to put a plug and, as the clips to press the heater at all identical.

To check the reliability of "flexible connections" other producers, he bought various samples.More buy different plugs to determine the best of them for strength.

All options that tried archie, stood the test of "good" and "excellent", in addition to the fungus to secure insulation.He kept bad and removed quite easily.After the test, he decided to buy plastic ties.

unit under the "flexible communication" drilled well is not simple percussion drill.After all the experiments archie ceased to worry about fixing the insulation and cladding.


archie planned to make the width of the window of 70 to 100 cm, but talk on the forum, he drew attention to their windows and realized with horror that they look like loopholes.

now paramount in the coming days to extend the openings for windows.After deliberation decided to expand and make the size of the windows 90 and 120 cm.

much time and effort he spent in the box in the garage.On top of these already delivered six rows of blocks.In order not to destroy all the workers of propylene in the groove joints above the expected level, stuck to the corners of the 5-ki and demolished everything underneath.With great effort pulled the jumper, lifted them again, and did the masonry beneath them on the sides.

in closet and a flight of stairs to the window width of 90 cm. The garage is 90x90 cm 3 window. It is not decided what to do in the window bay window.

Transfer column

According to the plan in the center of the house on the ground floor had been scheduled to do the column.But whether by mistake, he changed his mind, from the center of the house it was decided to transfer the good that it has not had time to fill.

in a new location under the column working Drill the concrete and rebar were killed at a depth of 15-20 cm. In one place, we stumbled upon I-beams and rebar welded to it.Work on the house continues.Working slowly continue to do the formwork size 25h58 for the other columns.

When doing formwork for columns, be sure to leave a small hole at the bottom of the formwork.Under construction trash gets there, and through the hole you can safely pull out and fill the column.

After the rains, everything was ready to fill the last 20 columns and garage opening.For openings workers used 22 th fittings.The size of the beam is 25h33 cm, 520 cm aperture.

According to calculations in the garage doorway and columns must be filled with about 7 cubic meters of concrete.At first he wanted to mix and pour concrete by hand, and their work would hire 4 8 Tajiks for 500 rubles.everyone.But they decided to work on the four thousand on his brother.After talking with the Tajiks archie realized that it will drag on for the whole day, and it did not suit him.

He rejected this option.Found pump for 10 000 rubles.and the next day before lunch all filled.We started in a garage with a U-shaped opening.Filled columns around the house, and again went back to the garage and dolili doorway, he became the H-shaped

The next day, after pouring noticed that from the front of the garage columns squeezed into 2 cm - do not put stops.But that is not clouded his mood, the main concrete enough to fill another 2 cars and a neighbor gave.

When removed from the shuttering of the opening of the garage, archie found hollow core shell.Under the lower reinforcement beam is visible through the slit through the monolith.Probably, the Tajiks in the place did not vibrate to formwork fell apart, and the concrete has emerged, with the result that a void.

Here is the result of repair beam.

For repair of voids on the advice from the forum archie used Emaco S55 (filler) with the strength of the M600.After casting sticks to old concrete, and become one with him, it is able to withstand high dynamic loads, so they are repaired bridges, dams, etc.The cost of the 1 100 rubles.per bag of 30 kg.

Repair beams was made at the expense of the Tajiks.

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