Country house in the amber region.

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02 June 2016
for walls amarrak ordered aerated concrete blocks YTONG 400 mm.

Delivery blocks

units in the Kaliningrad region brought YTONG official dealers and Aeroc, they deliver their order.YTONG from Poland and Aeroc - from Latvia.They were being taken to long-length.That's good - because once arrived half bricks to build a house, but bad because the last turn before giving amarrak dlinnomerov could not pass and so we had to order a crane.

pallets Long-standing in pairs, and they must be removed in pairs, too.Therefore, in order manipulator find out, first of all, what is he carrying capacity.Otherwise, it will be a long haul pallets.

for pulling lines need to make a hook length of 2 meters from the small fittings.Unloading units is easy.The manipulator loads the pallet 8-10.We reached the station and unloads.For this work enough to have 3-4 people.


When brought blocks, amarrak began walling.On minitsokol he laid on top of waterproofing and began putting aerated hips.It should be noted that the
first row of blocks is always being put on cement for leveling masonry.In addition, the first reinforcement layer is made of blocks.So, slowly, working on weekends, amarrak continued construction of the wall.

Stacking blocks tongue and groove does not pose any difficulty.It only takes a little practice.From one corner to the other cord is pulled.Take the trowel to the width of the block.With it, the glue is applied directly under the few blocks that immediately set one after the other along a stretched cord, etc.When laying dobornyh blocks must-promazyvat vertical seams.

though slowly but surely laying the walls of the first floor reached overlapping doorways.Four more of the series and the first floor was built.

Fill jumpers

amarrak began to establish a backup for U-blocks over the front door.This permanent formwork.U-Blocks have been used to facilitate the work for finishing the exterior wall, still can be further warmed to avoid cold bridges.Then the formwork is put fittings and poured concrete, and it turns out the jumper over the door.

He also made formwork jumpers interior doors.They are manufactured from the board, the rest of the formwork of the foundation.Using a stapler, he sheathed their film and set in the doorway, so as to obtain a horizontal upper edge of the walls.Shields he set on the supporting bars driven into the wall, which propped up with boards for strength 150h50 mm.

then he did, and lay them in the framework of the reinforcement.The size of the frame made of 200x200 mm.Reinforcing cage for the interior and exterior walls was made the same.The next day the weather was good, and it filled all the jumpers on all doors.

formwork with interior walls will be removed after a few days, and the work on the U units can continue immediately after the setting of concrete.

Ventilation in the house ventilation channels and channels for the boiler and chimney will go separately, but not in the walls, and will be closed cupboards and other amenities.

Laying nets

During vacations, he managed to make the first floor Laying nets and put wooden beams .. Dimensions Laying nets turned 200x200 mm.

Wall Laying nets in the area was such - the thickness of the wall unit 75 mm polystyrene foam insulation 50 mm, w / w Laying nets 200 mm and over 75 mm Cloisonne unit.Cloisonne is a block permanent formwork and facilitates finishing the walls.Skeleton Laying nets consists of three valves at the bottom and the thickness D12 D10 at the top two lines.Fill Laying nets manually.One prevents the concrete, the other is, and the third lays.For ease of plasticizer added to the concrete.

Floor beams

this season, it was difficult to buy the joists, there was a deficit.But still they found and purchased.The size of 200x150 mm.They are cut to size, plastered 2 times antiseptic and installed on Laying nets.

second floor.Cutting blocks
After laying joists he began laying the second floor.First of all, it was necessary to cut the blocks for stacking them between joists.
then raised blocks for laying walls.And so it began building the walls of the second floor.

That's already the end of September, and I want to have time to fill Laying nets, but it needs to raise two rows of blocks and fill lintels.Then you need to make a temporary overlap of the house, take the water from the basement and close the windows and doorways.

All other works are laid in the spring of 2011.

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