Brick two-storey house

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02 June 2016

foundation for his home on the banks of the Oka Qwassss did strip foundation.To do this, workers dug a trench width of 60 cm and a depth of 1.65 meters, poured pyatnadtsatisantimetrovuyu cushion of sand.

Qwassss then bought on the market 14 fixtures.Workers paved the lower horizontal row of valves at a distance of 5 cm from the sand cushion.The next set of knitting at a distance of 30 cm from the first.Likewise, fittings connected the top two rows.Vertical reinforcement knitted around the perimeter at a distance of 50 cm from each other.

linking fitting together, drove mixers using Concrete poured foundation.A total of 68 cubic meters of concrete filled.The project is not planned to house the ground floor, but there is a technical basement - access to communications.

money spent on the foundation

  • During paperwork on the donation site, pay for the surveyors measured area, power of attorney and other spent - 20000 rubles;
  • reinforcement rods foundation bought 155 14th valves -
    63 500 rubles;
  • on binding wire, extension cords, wheelbarrows, shovels spent - 4000 rubles;
  • Kamaz sand cost - 3000 rubles;
  • technical conditions for water - 4000 rubles;
  • Buying rings on the well - 10 000 rubles.
  • pay workers for the foundation: harness, receiving 68 concrete cube / m made - 70 000 rubles;
  • concrete cost amounted to 3 300 rubles.per cubic meter.Total - 224 400 rubles.
currently building costs amounted to 329,000 rubles;

masonry walls

Brigade makes the foundation and plinth, was designed and laid off due to the poor quality of work.For masonry walls was hired a new team.

for walls Qwassss bought aerated hips, and decided to decorate the house with red facing bricks.Between them, leave a ventilation gap of 2 cm. Because of long lines at the plant could not bring all the blocks to build a house.But despite this, seven workers work, building lives.Laying workers reinforced the special masonry net.

costs facing bricks and blocks

bought for the construction of 16 000 pcs.bricks.Its cost 7 rubles / pc total - 120 000 rubles;
aerated concrete blocks bought 120 cu / m.The cost of a cubic meter of 1200 rubles., Total - 144 000 rubles.
Crane paid - 1 500 rubles / hour;

By now spent on building materials and employs about one million rubles.This amount includes - material to the liner of the whole house, concrete for the construction of the first floor, work on the foundation, mounting plates, leveling cap.

Despite the difficulties with money, construction continued.The workers put formwork and reinforcement for knitting fill Laying nets.September 7 came mixer, and workers poured concrete cube 4 Laying nets in the second floor and left to harden it for a week, before the arrival of slabs.

Between the second and first floor of the project is planned to place reinforced concrete stairs, and is hardened Laying nets, half staircase was built.

brought back plate removed from the machine and install in its place.Then the crane lifted the top building materials for further work.

Here, at last, brought up the remainder of the concrete blocks, adhesives and building bricks.And the construction of the second floor continued with renewed vigor.The construction of this house Qwassss bought 95 cubic meters of concrete blocks.

While there is a construction, the weather outside is good, the builders did a bay window, complete masonry gables.Due to the fact that he does not often appear at the construction site, the workers did roof is not quite as it should be.Horse roof raised too high, so could not make the attic is scheduled Qwassss, but it was a good loft.


That completed the work on the construction of the walls.Now is the time to do the roof.During this time, except for the cap, he paid for the work of the builders of 330,000 rubles.

workers did roof frame as it should be.Under the crate put parogidroizolyatsiyu and roofing material on top of the crate.Thus it was made a temporary roof for the winter.In the spring of roofing material will be removed and will continue to do the roof.As used roofing shingles soft.

cost of the work on the roof with insulation 900 rubles.m / 2, and without insulation - 700 rubles.m / 2.Approximate area of ​​the roof - 190 m / 2.At this point of the roof is paid - 90 000 rubles.
Thus, today the cost of construction amounted to about 2 million rubles.

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