Dream house.

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02 June 2016
Until brought professional formwork, archie went and bought about 200 squares of 18 mm plywood for her.

main building is worth.So we do the expansion openings for windows.At first they were 110 cm and 140 and it is now better than it was.Once windows do cap and cut down the hole in it to display a drainpipe under the terrace and gaskets produhi.Concrete has been very strong.For example, hole width 70h38h38 using a jackhammer hollowed 4:00.Braley rental punch for 800 rubles / day with the pledge of 20 000 rubles.


On both sides of the house archie concrete terrace with a closed base and if you make air holes in the basement of the house, in winter it is impossible to close.So he came up and made the air holes in the base terraces and connecting them with a pipe socket at home.On produhi upon the available 110 mm pipes.He insulate them, and in the winter they can close the regular lids.For reliability under the terrace, he hung on their collars.Connect the pipes to each other, the grid laid on

jumpers made a new

The three openings instead of jumpers archie put the 12th channel.Propylene two slots in the blocks and put them on the channel.As a result, channel located inside the masonry, and the load on it is small.Above it is a monolithic slab, below it will be primed, plastered and closed the window.

Formwork other

Finally another came the first machine with formwork on 200 square meters.Tomorrow will come second, and then the workers start to build.

On arrival the second car assembly workers began shuttering.Bent clamps for beams, boiled reinforcing cage for closing.After installing the crossbars have started to lay a plywood fill overlap.

mating fittings

First of all, covered the plywood film, and after that began to knit reinforcement.archie bought reinforcement D14, cell size 15x15 made, the thickness of the plate to be poured 20 cm. Others have firm concrete technologist of his firm advised to do just such a cell.Brewed only the frame, not to bent grille, and in all other places just mated.

first put reinforcement D14 at the bottom of the beams, and if the beam is longer than 4 meters, placed on the edges of D22, and then they tally 2 lattice overlap.

Council on the technology for concrete
In the case under the slab is bearing wall, this place is better to strengthen the top mating fittings 2.5 m across the wall.Stack need through the cage with a pitch of 30 cm to the middle of the bar is on the wall.

And then, finally, we are ready to fill the plate.Once again archie with your builder to check the level of the laser planes and found satisfied.But after the weekend decided to fill in, so as not to disturb holidaymakers neighbors.Total planned to fill 46 cubic meters of concrete.

Pouring plate

pump came time to stand in the right place, then fine by the hour came the first 10 cc mixer.And then a neighbor walked past, came and praised, they say, God help you, and then it all started ...

killed at the pump fell off the yoke and 0.2 cube of concrete on the ground, the pipe moved and formed a gap of 5 cm. They closed somehow.We started to pump, and was again part of the concrete on the ground.The same thing happened a third time.As long suffered from the collar, in one of his knees thickened concrete had to be removed and cleaned.Cleans soiled concrete all around.Arrived mixer at 35 degrees stupid prevented its concrete.

during the day was not without calling the operator and the mat in their address.Finally everything was fixed somehow, and began to pour.Twice a little arrow fell, but, thank God, nothing happened.After pouring an arrow he still broke, and he went poluslozhennom state.

that day poured 47 cubic meters - only 5 mixers 9 and 10 cubic meters each.6:00 poured intermittently for an hour.On top of everything seems to be well-flushed, but you need to look at the bottom.Judging from puddles, level difference was 2 cm. According to the calculations were 43.3 pour concrete cube + 1 cube on the deflection of the formwork.After pouring the remaining 0.8 cube, which he presented to his neighbor.

The next day he dragged carpets, mattresses and sheets.Cover with a plate and filled them with water.It lasted for 3 days.

arguments about the degree of reliability of the plate

If you own construction firm, specialists, fleet, uninterrupted supply of concrete required marks, professional formwork, you do this every day and is 100% sure of what you are doing, you can stillMake sure Science without busting in strength.

And if you build a house and work with the monolith, reinsurance strength should be complete.Because in this case, at each stage of waiting for trouble, and surprises.And, most importantly, it does not depend on you.You're not to blame, and came to an end overlap.
What to do in such a situation?Make the design stronger than necessary.

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