Bath House

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02 June 2016
Before you begin construction of a log house, the workers began to settle in the territory, and the shed where they will be staying during construction.They need to put a bath-house 7,15h8,85 meters profiled sac size 145h145 mm.


Deciding the main task of the organization of life in the allotted territory, working smoothly switched to the solution of problems and have started working with the layout of the foundation and excavation.

Disengage the trench to the desired depth they are at the customer's request, lay on the ground reinforced tape to prevent possible sedimentation of sand cushion and then spiked and pillow itself.The foundation under the house MZL reinforced fittings D8 and D14.

on fill foundation ordered 15 cubic meters of concrete.The first machine unloaded quickly, and it seemed that there was very little concrete.From the second car came at least five cubic meters of concrete.A third machine has brought more than five cubic meters of concrete.

After pouring it became cle
ar that concrete enough, and the horizon turned out at the appropriate level.Throughout the work on the concrete foundation is constantly vibrated to remove air bubbles.

get a quality foundation.After removal of the formwork everyone saw that roofing material from the heat stuck to the concrete.He did not shoot.Now, the concrete is protected from the hot sun and the water in this heat will not evaporate quickly from it.

Stacking timber

shaped timber brought to the site on the day of pouring the foundation, at the appointed time, but a few hours before the concrete is delivered.

checked privёzёnny board, it became clear that he tanned outside and white inside.In one of the packages turned drawbar fungus.He stripped and put to dry in the sun.

dealt with timbers, work slowly began to lay the first wreath.Put them into place, all we sighed with relief - it was clear that the horizontal observed.

«zero» Venice or polubrus more than others prone to warping.Fight warpage is not difficult, the main time to pay attention to it, so the whole timber is processed antiseptic Vultee Pohyuste.

finished with the preservation of the workers began to consolidate the zero and first crown, securing them to the foundation studs-anchors.For convenience in the work done on the drill stop for the drill, customized to the length of dowel.

first batch of timber is over, and the supplier did not bother to report the delay in the second.Therefore, during the week the work has not progressed.In order not to mess around, working on the request made two samples of the wooden fence, which he really liked.

When brought lumber, work started with a bang.The new timber differs from the old level of its "tanned."In this heat much wood dries and turns the beam significantly.This is clearly seen in the section of the window lintel.


No hellish heat, no other obstacles are not able to break the workers and stop the construction of even one day.Therefore, after the lifting of the walls the workers without delay, do the installation of truss system.

That all went well, despite the existence of the project, work started manufacturing pattern rafters.

The fact is that during the design of houses Architects make small curtain issues.This gives a high base, high walls and outlets look like stumps, so their removal is increased to 80 cm.

make the necessary corrections, they began to lay the pediments of the timber.They were made rafters and let horizontal boards that are put roofing felt.Roofing felt the heat immediately stuck to a tree.

workers do not have a full roof, as is often the customer himself does not know what will be his roof.

have built the house has an interesting feature.When you look at a house the workers said that the house seems a little far away, but close to the large and voluminous.

cracked the ends of the beam depends primarily on the quality of wood and its mode of sawing.If the tree is loose, then no treatment will not save the ends of the wood.

After the assembly of the house-shaped timber of bath Brigade carefully folded the remaining building materials were removed from the territory of the villa all debris.

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