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02 June 2016
Cottage Dmitri A.located on the border of the Ryazan and Moscow region, on the high bank of the Oka.In the country there is a garden brick house.House stands on a concrete ribbon 15 cm deep and 20 cm wide.The soil in the area of ​​sand.

And then came the need to build on a site-bath guest house.Very convenient - and you can warm up in the bath and call friends to visit.


little thought, Dmitry AS decided not to split hairs.Once the house is in such a simplistic foundation, the bathhouse and the foundation can be made simple.So he dug a trench to a depth of 3 infantry and fell asleep to the gravel and rammed.On gravel sprinkled sand, spilled water and rammed.I bought foundation blocks of 40h20h20 and made them the foundation for a bath.Construction

he leads alone, sometimes helps his wife on weekends for one day comes the father.Having

foundation Dmitri A.I went and bought a timber on the market.I bought a board length 6 meters 150h40 mm.At the time of purchase they seemed normal.But w
hen I started working, I realized that slipped very bad stuff

Before installing the sill, he covered the foundation blocks with two layers of roofing material.Piping made of three boards set on edge.First, I put the outer boards and leveled, and then inside.Made construct three times handled biosecurity.Defects corrected electroplane.

established an intermediate beam from the twin planks over 2 meters and secured to the harness with metal corners.Boards interconnected nails.Floor joists on sill placed every 59 cm. The slots in the bottom plate has a height of 40 cm.

Then slowly put the uprights, on which he made the tying of the two planks laid flat on the counter.

The top harness design made similarly to the bottom trim.Then, set the outside frame bracing, crashing them into the rack frame.Since the bath-house is expected to live in the winter, I decided to make the window small, and therefore bought a wooden box in the room of rest 900h600 mm - 2 pcs.On the pediment of reli- put windows 500x500 mm - 2 pcs., And the steam room 400x400 mm.For more steam ordered lattice.Door bought cheap - Chinese.

The summer was very hot.Wood burning in the 5 km area from Dmitri A.Work could only be in the morning from 8 to 11 and in the evening from 17 to 21 hours.And he was tired like a whole day of work.

Installing rafters

Due to the fact that there was not the required number of straight boards, roof rafters Dmitry AS decided to make two boards, connecting them together and put them through a 1.2 meter.Rafters Dmitry AS collected on the ground, and then drags on one end of the roof.Sam crawled back and drew the design for themselves.

For reliability connections rafters and upper binding on the rafters was drunk shoe and applied special rafter fasteners.More rafters tied with the top strapping thick wire.On the ridge rafters connected reinforced corners.

On the construction of roof system Dmitry AS took a lot of effort and a backache.Under the issued sick, he worked for another two weeks.

All joints he used, as a rule, nails - black, white ershenye, screw (120, 60, 90).Ershenye almost impossible to remove nails, screws used where the board can crack or where a lot of knots.


make the design of the roof, wind pulled Dmitry AS / moisture protection of studs.Then for ventilation on top of the film he is nailed to the studs bars 25h50 mm and they secured the cladding bath - sheets OSB.

roof sheathing around the house OSB, he again took up the roof.The roof is made on the same principle, only the bars were a different size - 50x50 mm.On crate I bought an inexpensive board with bark 150h25h6 size.While he and his wife ripped off the board, they spent a lot of time and effort.

That vacation is coming to an end, and that the rains were not able to wet design of the house, he dropped everything, called on the help of his father and took up the roof.

he decided to cover the roof metal tile to comfortably cover.And then I made a school - first made crate without worrying about the step-wave roof tiles and did not get into the wave.Therefore, during the laying of the first slope I had a lot of messing around, and the result was a solid roof sheathing.

was worn out with the first ramp, his father decided to break the styling and technology make the opposite.It was decided to tuck the sheets to each other and not to impose from the top.The trial showed that this is the most correct way of installation.Everything happened quickly and accurately.

second slope of the roof was made immediately without any reruns sheets.

During the construction of baths simultaneously perform other tasks: to make the place under the stove - set for this additional lag, struck on the design of the bath layer biosecurity did the right color scheme, and began painting OSB.


make the roof, he began gables.Establish a rack of 600 mm, they nailed planks for ventilation gap, which secured sheets OSB.Then he cut out openings for windows.Painted facades, window frames, and put in the grid.

of laminated boards 300 mm wide and 50 mm thick it made sills.Ventzazora space between OSB and windows he closed 50 mm plastic corners.

Painting walls

Walls bath he made of OSB.In order not to be seen cracks, he decided to close their boards and paint highlight their dark color.It turned out the wall light and dark boards - some kind of half-timbered.And it is very nice and easy to do.

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