I build a house in the suburbs.

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02 June 2016
Preparation of drawings for the construction of the roof

for laying bricks Romi93 acquired almost all of the necessary materials.Therefore, there was time to do the preparation of drawings for the roof and the purchase of materials.

While masons engaged in facing the house, Romi93 pondering the construction of the roof.Plans for the house and the roof painted in Romi93 Arkona.Before you put the roof, he looked carefully all the drawings and realized his mistake.After much thought, how to correct the mistake, the decision came, as always, unexpectedly.He decided to fill the second Laying nets over the first, by increasing the coupling pin for fixing mauerlat.

To fill Laying nets he removed three people facing home.I bought all the necessary materials: pins, couplings, sand, crushed stone cube, 30 bags of cement, on the corner of the window lintel, etc.It remains to make the formwork and pour concrete before coming roofers.

For the construction of the roof brought the first 10 cubic meters of sawn t
imber are 5 cubes 150h50 the rafters, struts and skates 25h150 - on the crate and 25h100 in the binder.Nails bought 35 kg.Slater had promised to hand over its work for 15-20 days.

Quality walls

Once again Romi93 arrived on the scene, in order to buy and sell cement, as well as carry out an inspection.Furthermore, it was necessary to measure the actual dimensions of the house and, if necessary, an adjustment of the project.

first external examination showed that everything seems to be in order, and he wanted to leave.But then when it was removed from a bridge a couple of corners.After seeing them, he saw that they were stained with only the visible side.Romi93 so angry that the team 5 minutes to correct his mistake.

then on the wave of suspicion, he decided to check the clutch.And here in abundance climbed schools.

Where there is a balcony on the back side of the second row with respect to the plane failed to 6-8 mm and above them have put five rows.And there's nowhere to go.

carefully looked around the house and noticed the rubble vertically.Then he took a two-meter rule and checked.Testing confirmed the presence of the dam.I had to call the foreman and ask - why uneven walls?And he, they say, do not understand anything, everything should be smooth.

Romi93 then took his builder of planes and started to conduct specific measurements.Immediately the whole team came running to see.

results showed that the biggest obstruction 9 mm at a distance of 2.5 meters was brigadier wall.The remaining walls were deviations of 2-5 mm.

then became a foreman to repeat that, say, the levels are worthless.Then Romi93 decided to immediately check all the levels of builder.The audit showed that all levels are good.Here brigadier claimed that brick curve.Then Romi93 gave him into the hands of brick and roulette and made to measure - brick appeared smooth.

After checking Romi93 ordered to buy the line and pull not only on the corners, and every 3 meters vertically.Brigadier ordered to monitor the start of each row of all masonry, so they do not have to like molded bricks.After a while he calmed down and decided to pay for it less.


The village, home to Romi93, all successfully drilled the well and satisfied with the quality and the water debit.Therefore, to the area in Romi93 it was water, it was necessary to drill a well.All neighbors in the small district of the well depth.One of 16 meters, the second and third 8 and 11 meters.In connection with this state of affairs, and he did not doubt the success of this event.

So, without hesitation, he contacted the drillers, make a well in the neighboring areas.But the coming season, and they could come only after 20 days.A Romi93 wanted to do well before the erection of the fence.

After some searching, he found drillers, who have agreed to come after 3 days.The boys arrived at the URB - drive for exploration drilling.And as it turned out later, it is not very suitable for drilling of wells in the country.

machine stood at the specified location and the estimated 8 meters - the depth of the water was very fast.The fact is that during a rock drilling ORB washes through the drill - the pressurized water.Find the aquifer is possible only if you really want to.

drillers were ordered to delve below sewage neighbors to water was not urine.But they are small deepened to 37 meters, then stopped Romi93 drilling.Water from the well yielded 2-3 cube per hour.Then they got up to pump, but a day later said that the experience was a failure.There is a sand and there is no end to it.

As a result, the trunk choked by 8 meters and set filter, cut into the casing Bulgarian plurality of grooves along its length.Debit was cube per hour, the water was white with lime.Drillers said that it is necessary to pump the pump until it goes clear water.Payment was 8 meters.

However, after installing the pump "Kid" the water was pumped for 10 minutes.In the future, water has become a little more.But still it was not enough and the result burned two pumps.To this does not happen again, he put recessed dimmer 400 Watt in the gap phase.With him "Kid" works fine.Dimmer helps to quickly and easily adjust the pump capacity.

Thus the pump regularly worked a month and it did not touch him, but in vain.Because the pump was suspended not on a steel cable, and nylon cord, which has torn him and broken wiring, fell off the hose and pump drowned.Over time, the debit of water has decreased.

unexpected effect

Three-layer cake Wall brought an unexpected effect.It turns out that after the house facing the window frame will be 25 cm away from the outer wall of the thickness of insulation and air gap.Therefore, narrow windows bay window looked like loopholes.

More Romi93 became fast bother waste of cement during the laying of bricks.Then he went to the market and began to ask, what is the secret?After some questioning, it became clear that the factory instead of 50 kg of cement is actually packed 42 kg.That's where this expense.

next progress control shows that the second Laying nets did not even launch.But the question is why?- Respond that there is no rubble.Then he called the supplier, who in answer to say that the city is no rubble and bring him only on Tuesday.Short work ordered immediately to put the formwork for pouring the second Laying nets.For him, he promised to pay 6000 rubles.

Once past catching up clutch has become much better.

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