Construction bath.

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02 June 2016


For the construction of the roof tazer bought a set of roofing Unikma, which includes: Metal HDX Granite Group 3, zinc 170 cost 295 rubles per m / 2.Lifetime cover 30-35 years, and the warranty is 15 years.I width is 1180 mm, 1100 mm and effective.The length of the ramp is 4,700 mm.Hence, there is no horizontal joints.

purchased materials can be covered area of ​​86 m / 2. To have acquired additional elements: wind braces, horse with a semi-circular plugs, 2 packs big samorezov.Kupil superdiffuzionku Tyvek tape to put no ventzazora.Ves all purchased materials for roofs made - 446.050kg.Vsego on the price of materials spent about - 35 000 rubles, and for the delivery - 2 300 rubles.

After buying roofing and all the necessary materials were found and invited installers krovli.Rabotoy roofers tazer was very pleased.Work intelligently, without marriage, all exactly like on the ticker, so control is not required, and for their work do not take a lot.After laying the roof mounted

wind braces, skate.We started the binder cornice and gable overhangs.


For making blind area tazer hired Tajik.He dug a shallow trench around the bath.I did sandy pillow and sleep on top layer of small gravel.Then he built around the bath formwork.

According to the calculations of the future blind area width must be 40 cm. The thickness of about 20 cm of which 10 cm under the ground and 10 cm above it.Along the foundation laid three Tajik thread fittings and tied them with wire knitting cross members.

blind area tied to the foundation baths to it over time, not otorvalo.Po preliminary calculations on the blind area should be enough for 3 cube of concrete.For its mixing all the ingredients - sand, schebёnka cement.Hired Tajik cope with the task as "good".

Passing work

  • To make the floor veranda tazer cut from the board 50 x 200 mm floor joists.One side of a log rests on the foundation, and another attached to the screws on the corners of the bath, but for reliability still nailed two nails (weaving) and color Senezh antiseptic.As a temporary floor laid on top of the board 25h100 mm and a veranda itself sprinkled sand.
  • The second floor is not to be warmed.And in the future it will be done partial insulation, but not least, the rafters, and the letter "P".More
  • purchased and installed low tides on the foundation baths.The width is 13 cm, and the cost of 150 rubles / m2.
  • The iron door set in the fall, the winter vspuchilis hardboard.It is not designed for operation in an unheated room.I sent a complaint to the plant.They will replace hardboard 8 mm MDF with an additional charge 1,500 rubles.
  • Recently, Tikkurila bought antiseptic coating Vinh 2.7 liters of white color - just to paint all the overhangs.The cost of 1250 rubles banks.Separately sold tinting colors.Painted in two layers - eaves, overhangs, gables.Tikkurila pleased, pleased with her work.Consumption is small, until dry, rinse with water with it.

Finish bath timber imitation

To finish baths tazer ordered an imitation timber.Size 20h190 mm in an amount of 92 m / 2 value of 29 800 rubles.In addition to his board he purchased 50h150 mm and 50x200 mm.One and a half kilos of finishing nails, bar 5h5h300 42 pieces, wooden 50h50h3000 Area - 13 pieces for caulking gable overhang and simulation beam.The whole day went to sort boards and stacking.

then corrected jamb - processed boards 50x200 mm SENEZH, cut to size and placed on top of the harness between the beams above the door and a window - there was a beam.

Before you start sheathing bath timber imitation, tazer wall mounted film Yutafol.The width of the film 1,5 m, fix it with 25 cm overlaps. The work completed for half the day.Then he nailed bars kontrobreshёtki.Very time consuming activity if the bars curves.

Furnish baths decided to do an imitation of timber on the back side - for training.And so, one wall after another, all the walls were covered with imitation bath timber.This was a hired worker would otherwise not cope.Everything turned out almost perfectly.

For painting walls was bought - Tikkurila Pohyuste 9 liters, - Tikkurila ValltiKolor Extra 18 liters.More buy 2 professional brush.Total for all spent - 9800 rubles.

began to cover imitation timber Pohyuste Tikkurila, it is absorbed instantly, flow below the manufacturer's declaration.If you pour more - already runs on a wet surface.In just two hours, he painted 50 m / 2 - the entire first floor.

evening, decided to test the paint Valltikolor Extra.In appearance it was very unpleasant, but when he became applied to the walls, it is very glad for the color - terracotta.It dries immediately and does not stick.The next day, the first colored floor in one layer and the second layer struck more a day.

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