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02 June 2016
Planned built-up area is 128 sq / m, and the entire area - with balconies and verandas - 193 sq / m.

beginning of construction.The foundation

all started on May 11.Tractor came and dug a pit, removing the top layer of fertile soil.Here is a nice sandy bottom.He worked all day without lunch, just smoked.

foundations of the house will tape melkozaglublenny 25 cm, plus a cushion of sand and schebёnki.The plinth of the house will rise above the ground on 55 cm.

Builders prepared pad and stamped it with the help of tamping machine.Then they assembled shuttering plywood, tied rebar foundation.At the same time they adjusted their own life on the construction site: did shower, kitchen, etc.

Fill foundation

It May 22 - the day pouring the foundation.At the insistence of concrete foreman hired, and as time has shown, not in vain.But even with the use of a concrete pump pouring 36 cubic meters of concrete it took 8 hours.This seven cars with concrete.And as the first car arrived at six in t
he evening, then fill was completed in two nights by the light of streetlamps.

Three days later, we started filming the formwork while workers did mortgages for water pipes, electrical wiring.For pipes previously calculated bias, and the turning point in the connection of sewer pipes made audit well.

Pouring plate

After pouring the foundation plastered inside his compound.Covered with soil, and on top added sand and rammed it on the level of the cap.Then we put the formwork.Will be poured on top of the cap plate, so began to knit reinforcement, because after a few days it is planned to fill.Between the earth and spread a fitting horizontal waterproofing.

Having harness, we started to make shuttering of metal parts, heat sealing between itself and podpёrli bricks.Plywood fastened to the corners, which served as the level at which the slab was poured.To fill again ordered concrete.

floor slab of the first floor flooded in the early morning on Thursday and 12 hours on Friday without interruption.That is the job lasted more than a day, including at night.Workers work for wear and had gone to bed after casting.Even the rising storm and the rain did not wake them up.Therefore it was necessary to save their instruments from the shower.

That flooded floor slab of the first floor.Its height is 15 cm. Filled later than scheduled on schedule.All because of that had to do well under revision sewage and water pipes, the workers who dug in human growth.So automatically I formed cellar.

a few days began to shoot the formwork, and polish the floor slab of the first floor.Then make waterproofing the outside of the foundation and the reverse podsypku a blind area home.The next day is planned to put the wall.

masonry walls

for walls Candy acquired aerated concrete blocks wide - 375 mm "Eco" and facing bricks.Therefore, the cake will be the walls: bearing wall of aerated concrete - 375 mm, ventilation gap - 5 cm and facing bricks - 6 cm. The wall is no insulation.

After all the preparation work began to lay the first row of blocks on a solution.And the second row - to the glue "Wins Aegis."Laying reinforcing mesh 1.2 mm in three rows.While

put the first row, Candy was happy that the house began to grow, but after the 4-5 series noticed that the vertical joints between the blocks are decent gap.Foreman argues that blocks uneven, but even in this case, the masons should put a wall without gaps between the blocks.

After talking with the foreman working at their own expense zamazhut gap, and it was decided to take a number of blocks of each position separately.After taking all these decisions and clarify what should be on the wall roughness, the width of the seam between blocks and that each row of blocks will be taken personally husband Sweet, masons started to work much better and better.To avoid vertical gaps between the units decide to lubricate them with glue.

After pouring the concrete slab of the first floor builders will align the walls to seal the seams and chipped, so that the thickness of the plaster in the house will not be greater than 5 mm.

1st floor slab Pouring

putting walls of the first floor, the workers did formwork tied rebar and poured slab of the first floor, as well as two verandas and blind area around the house.For pouring concrete hired again.The thickness of the ceiling of the first floor of 15 cm, there was covered with 15.5 cubic meters of concrete.The thickness of the porch, and blind area - 7.5 cm and was covered 9.3 cubic meter of concrete.

number of concrete calculated wrong, so we had to order another 3 cube.But suppliers of concrete did not disappoint and delivered it on time to pay on the spot.The company for the supply of concrete Shchyolkovsky District "Stroibeton."The amount of concrete delivered with high precision.

While hardened slab, building a little quiet.To finish the external walls of the ground floor, raised interior walls.Part of the cap stoned "wild" stone.We began sheathing 80 mm extruded polystyrene foam slabs and outside of the brickwork beneath.Outside put gazoblok width of 100 mm.Thus, the builders get rid of cold bridges.

Tomorrow will begin the construction of the walls of the second floor.And while buying candy for roofing materials: wood, roofing, film, hardware, insulation, etc.


Windows install routine in the house.Shutters on the windows have decided not to, because really they are not from breaking save.Candy thinks connect gsm-alarm.At a signal from the protection of workers approaching within 10 minutes.The sensor is 20 trand servicing 1.5 thousand. per month.

In the attic are installed windows Fakro (one in the children, one adult in the bathroom and two more - in the attic) worth 52,000 rubles.without installation.But with a salary.When the lining is made at home, come zamerschik and will be ordered windows on the whole house.

That completes the construction of the walls.At the top of the walls of the workers placed flowers - said that is a symbol of the completion of masonry work and also a sign - to the house turned out beautiful.

construction of the roof

begin construction of the roof.To do this, they have bought a tree that was treated in the six-meter ognebiozaschitoy bath specifically for this nailed together.Bought roofing, films, pastes, etc.

parallel with the roof of the workers engaged in lining cap wild stone walls and facing bricks.

state of emergency on construction

One of the workers at the construction site began to drink heavily and began to brawl and fight.And when you consider that it is in itself a healthy and served in the Airborne, the brigade immediately fled.But some of the company also continued to drink.

week was a solid extreme.But in the end, we had to take action - to hand over to the police ruffian that he's sober, and not scare people.When he came to, he was sent home.The rest of the workers immediately went back to the construction site.After that, it was decided to pay for the work of transferring money directly home wives.

Purchase septic

as septic Sweet decided to take a "Leader" as their friends that they are very satisfied.It is the price and its abilities, it is similar to Tapas.Near the site is located Candy water protection zone.It is very important that the "Leader" in the passport effluent can be discharged even in reservoirs.

production of septic tanks is close, so Sweet made discount and free shipping.Workers dug a hole and installed a septic tank in place.

gradually elevated roof - made power frame, insulation of the roof started to do, there is a basis for an attic floor.Finish building the internal walls of the house, there were steps to the veranda.

parallel with the roof laid brick buttresses, revived with the bulk of the natural stone.We lay out a pipe, the second in line.Finish the walls of the second floor.Was finishing the interior walls of the second floor.

steel roof sheathing with plywood, which will be laid roofing - soft roof Tegola Versailles.

cover the roof of a soft roof, installed skylights.Ends lining the walls, installed windows in the house.Binder eaves did not have time to do, and postponed until next year.

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