Building a house from a bar

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02 June 2016
First of all, a team of builders dismantled the old house.The foundation had been superficial and will fit in a single container, and the rest left a lot of debris.

Buying lumber

with difficulty, but still WAB57 purchased lumber.The beams covered with antiseptic Bochemit Forte brown.Timber treated with Pina B Oil from Tikkurily.Himself an opaque timber preservative, but after drying on a bar becomes colorless.After painting the tree comes the smell of linseed oil.


After cleaning debris from the old home team started the breakdown site.Then dug a trench for the foundation depth of 80 cm and 40 cm wide. 300 bed geotextile density and poured 20 cm of sand cushion.We did the formwork for the foundation and the plinth 60 cm. The foundation of reinforced F16 valves, three string from below and three above.Racks made of rebar F8 increments of 30 cm. In the formwork fastened roofing material.But on the ground in a trench a bed polyethylene film.

finally drove the first mixer with concrete.T
oday will fill 29 cubic meters of concrete and, as always in such cases, as long as there was a long delay between the mixers.

first machine ordered to 9.00.But at this time the factory Conch Cement.Then fill postponed to 13.00.And they brought it in the end, at 16.00.After the first second car waiting for about 2 hours and the concrete has started to set, but then a car drove up, and continued pouring.

foundation poured to 23.00 light bulbs.The remains of the concrete used for the foundation in the area of ​​the stairs.

When the foundation was strengthened, with his shot formwork.The foundation of a good burst.Bombarded with external sinus.Inside the house, removed the topsoil, but instead filled sand.


Construction stopped without a lift bar and it is unknown when it will be.But the customer does not sleep and through his efforts the next morning at 7:00 came the first machine to beam.

After unloading the timber revealed that he is still raw, but no cracks.He began to carefully inspect and reject.Defective appeared with the blue bars, with large knots, with loose and large resin pockets, etc.

Before packing timber the whole team began to cover it with an antiseptic."Zero," the crown covered with antiseptic Bohemitom Forte.After processing the timber on Monday began construction of the house.

Construction of houses

After pouring the foundation to the installation of wall runs 10 days.During this time, the concrete grade 300 is gaining sufficient strength that it can be put first crown.

on the foundation laid waterproofing and put "zero" crown.Half a day engaged in a binding timber to the foundation.After all the measurements and calculations have received "good" from the customer, and they began to lay the rest of the crowns.

exchange defective timber

customer went to the factory to replace the timber.Supplier does not refuse to do it.All you need to replace the 14 parts.But due to lack of timber after the fifth ring work stopped.

Finally came a new batch of timber.The quality is better than ever.Still, there are a large number of bad prostrogat timber.Customer I discarded 4 parts, and then proceeded to the processing of timber antiseptic.


After raising the walls it is time to do the roof.First, the customer approved the truss issues, and then began to manufacture parts, which, as it turns out, quite a lot.All are coated with antiseptic Pinyasol (Pinjasol) from Tikkurily.

Six pairs of rafters planed exterior completely, and the rest is processed only the visible part.Then, jointing, cutting corners and the team starts the installation of the roof.

work is not easy, because the high gables of the house and relaxed large window openings.In addition, on the pediment two Pererub of short bars (short stacks) are raised to the full height of the gables.For their mounting studs made longer than 3 meters and pulled them "Korotyshev" on both sides.

from the bar 40 x 50 builders made crate for the time of the roof of roofing material.Beam pre-coated with antiseptic, and in the future it will be used for the installation of tiles.

windows of the house have fitted mosquito net that has been ventilated.One door sounded the board, while the other hung on hinges.In those places where the winter will be snow and difficult to brush away, do visors.

After finishing work at home workers have put in order the territory around it.

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