Sauna with a billiard room

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02 June 2016
Construction bath

size on the perimeter of the bath is 6.4 x 4.4 meters and terrace size - 6.4 x 3.6 meters.In sum, all the structure of the bath has the size - 8 x 6.4 meters and covers an area of ​​51 m / 2.


foundation for the workers dug a pit depth of 400 mm and covered it with river sand thickness of 300 mm, shed water and rammed.Packed under the foundation sand covered with plastic film 100 md.Top extruded polystyrene placed 30 mm, it, in turn, cover with plastic film 100 md.

then workers made formwork size 6.4 x 4.4 m for pouring monolithic slab thickness of 250 mm under the bathhouse.ALEX2626 slab foundation of reinforced rebar diameter of 10 mm with a cell 200 x 200 mm.

Under the terrace made 7 piles of 200 mm diameter.800mm pile recessed into the ground and above the protruding portions of the pile length of 500 mm.For pouring concrete was used brand 300.


Banja will frame type, all-weather.Bottom rail bath going standard.Please do basement waterpro
ofing of roofing material and then around the perimeter of the bath is put waistrail flat of 2 boards of 150 x 50 mm with ligation corners.

then set the rack frame.They are installed under the sheet size SML 2500h1200.For framework baths used boards 50 x 150 mm.Anchorages applied reinforced corners 55 x 55 x 55 mm, and the other two nails 120 mm.All the timber used in the construction process were ognebiozaschitoy.

Outside ALEX2626 frame sheathed with plywood WBP 2440 x 1220 mm - sheet placed upright, fixing on two legs.Along with the basic rack racks set of doors and windows, interior walls, verandas of timber 100 x 150 mm, a total of seven pieces on the veranda.The height of all columns 2500 mm.


After installing the upper first floor tying workers began to collect the frame of the attic.After graduating with a loft, they have consolidated over the entire frame bath hydroprotective vapor-permeable membrane Megafleks A. Then the wall outside, from the first floor, trimmed with imitation logs.

Inside baths laid insulation 150 mm, and on top of it is fixed vapor-proof membrane Megafleks VI completes the cake wall without obreshёtok LSU 8 mm in size 2500 x 1200 mm.The height of the walls of the attic 1650 mm rafters


During construction of the bath he had the desire to realize his dream - to organize the billiard room.After some thought, he decided that the billiard room will be located in the attic.

To do this, ALEX2626 decided to make the attic over the entire structure with a terrace.Thus, the internal dimensions of the attic turned out 6100 x 7800 mm.

to go up, I had a piece of garden size 3600 x 2300 mm to donate to the stair opening.The result was a staircase with interfloor area and turn it on 180 degrees.

Pie floor of the first floor

Speaking of cake floor of the first floor, you start with the foundation slab, which was mentioned above.Then place the floor joists of the boards 100x50 mm edge insulation 100 mm and stacked on top of decking - 36 mm, laminate, linoleum and tiles.

In the steam room and washing on the floor stacked boards - DSP waterproofing, tiles, wooden tiles on the grid.

Pie ceiling of the first floor from the bottom up

Ceiling Lining obbili workers, then there is a vapor barrier, insulation 150 mm and 15 mm WBP plywood in two layers.

floor terrace

To organize first floor terrace otsypali sand thickness - 200 x 300 mm and stamped.Top spiked schebёnku - 50 x 100 mm thick.Over schebёnki made screed 100 mm and in the end, at the upper strapping, paved sidewalk tiles.

Wall insulation bath

First ALEX2626 like warm bath basalt Light 35 kg / m3, but then changed his mind and bought a size of -1 Knauf plate 200 x 600 mm with a density of 15-17 kg / m2 and the value of 1060 rubles / m3.Knauf him very much, especially the size, appearance, odor, etc.

walls and ceiling of the sauna imposed folgirovnnym foamed polyethylene Megafleks, 5 mm thick.It will then sheathing of timber 30 x 30 mm and it lining of lime.

construction of the roof

After carcass baths and terraces workers started construction of roof system.It will be pitched about 30 degrees and the side of 6400 mm and a single over bath and a terrace.

used for construction of the roof boards 150 x 50 mm.Overhang 300 mm.With some difficulty, but no injuries have covered the roof of metal.The walls are painted in a dark brown bath color.

Other works

bought a gas stove, running on propane.With it, the trailer 18 m / 2 with single glazed windows heats 2 hours to a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.At the entrance to the bath put a cheap Chinese door.It has two windows on the first floor, etc.

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