Construction of houses of laminated veneer lumber

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02 June 2016
In early April 2010 Alex702 began to prepare the site for construction of houses of laminated veneer lumber with a ground floor.At the site of the future construction there was an old foundation of the plates with PBS.For him, he ordered the dismantling of the crane together with a team of workers.They one day disassembled blocks.

the same day for builders installed two trailer, under which were used as the base of the unit.Workers hooked up to electricity and trailers continued to equip the construction site.

Within two days the builders continued to impose order on site, freeing it from the old debris, bushes and other stuff.

then began to build a temporary fence.On the site there is no water, so Alex702 arranged with a neighbor and established a temporary supply of water construction.We put plastic toilet and shower built, built a shed for materials, etc.

In addition, temporarily transplanted a few dozen small pines and firs from all over the area in one place.

Preparation excavation

by 17 April and ordered excavator began digging a pit.His, of course, did the former site of the foundation.Because of limited space a lot of time was spent on the transfer of soil to another part of the site.

while digging the foundation pit started to rain.The bottom of the pit turned into a clay muck, and so the work was suspended until the end of April.

After the onset of good weather the pit was completed.Then Alex702 invited surveyors who determined the exact location of the future house.

Building foundation

foundation of the old house was zaglublёn 40 cm lower than that required for a new home, and after marking the excavation started the filling gravel to raise the bottom of the foundation of the future to the desired level.Bombarded with gravel, he rammed the vibrator.

on filling and compacting gravel, sand casting and preparation for footing the builders took 2 weeks.At the same time it was decided not to bury pipes under the plate, they will be in the channels in the plate.Channels with double reinforcement with a thickness of not less than 30 cm. After all the preparations on May 15 was flooded footing 8 cm thick.

After drying concrete it caused bitumen primer and two coats of waterproofing.

Pouring plate

To fill plates Alex702 purchased fittings and invited experts in casting monolithic slabs.

Before pouring slabs workers tied rebar, and under the bottom row of valves purchased stand (chairs).Formwork and installed by 3 July all was ready for casting monolithic slabs.

for pouring gasoline and ordered a plate of steel to drive up with concrete mixers brand M350.No accidents in half a day well filled plate.

wall socket

To build formwork for casting walls cap Alex702 bought the FSB and the board.He also took the familiar sorts struts, clamps and other tools for the monolithic works.To fill the walls of the cap instead of a concrete pump was advised bucket for concrete, which is designed for crane.

Having prepared all the necessary equipment, the day they filled a third of the basement walls.The work had involved the tub faucet and 0.5 cube.Poured about 25 cubic meters of concrete.Places cutoff walls covered with a special mesh

specialists monolith wall filled without marriage.And the next day the evening was dismantled and assembled formwork for pouring the second third of the wall socket.

She too passed without incident.And like the first time, the next day formwork dismantled and assembled to fill the last part of the wall socket.Third fill the walls of the cap is successful.

Overlapping basement

When the wall socket strengthened, the builders began to construct Monolitchiki formwork.Then reinforcement produced.One of the large spans decided to strengthen the reinforcement diameter of 16 mm.The bottom row of valves placed on the supports (chairs), and the second row on the bent of the 10th valve "frogs."

Pour overlap decided Tuesday.On the eve of a clear agreement about the delivery of the concrete ordered concrete.We bought a polyethylene plate to close after filling.

Tuesday was flooded basement floor slab.Its thickness is 20 cm. Fill gone 40 cubes of concrete.After setting of the concrete poured his water and hid polyethylene.

constructed plinth area of ​​170 m / 2, and the approximate cost of the cap for 1 sq / m - 650 dollars.

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