Construction of houses from glued beams.

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02 June 2016
Fill stairs cap

After pouring the slab reinforcement cap goes and installing formwork for pouring a few stairs: the main entrance of the house, from the ground floor to the basement, stairs from the terrace to the garden and two staircases to exit the cap onto the street.The next day they began to take turns to pour.

basement waterproofing made with 2 layers Technoelast with the release of a foot, which turned to the wall.One layer Technoelast just above ground level.And it is glued insulation.More will be made drainage and livnёvka.

goes parallel plates XPS insulation cap from Technonikol.The thickness of the plates 5 cm L-shaped protrusions.Their two-component bitumen paste glue Plastimul 2K.Insulation will be in two layers with an offset in order to avoid the formation of cracks.Two weeks promise to bring timber, so you need to have time for this time to make a basement operation.

In mid-July, finally filled all the stairs on the ground floor and it finished work on pouring concret
e plinth.In all the work it took about 200 cubic meters of concrete and 19 tons of reinforcement.

All expect delivery of lumber for further construction of the walls of the house.In the meantime, we do waterproofing and bought a 7000 M-125 bricks for the construction of the inner walls of the cap and the cap plate of bricks in a row on the edge.Each row of bricks reinforced with mesh.

In the basement cleaned up, and is in full swing preparing for the floor insulation and wiring Communications.Under the first crown timber (a timber lining boards Larch) surface primer cap missed and paste tracks from Technoelast.

being completed major work on the ground floor.Facing the cap it is finished after laying the first wreath.It is necessary for the reliable insulation of walls and closing the first crown facing masonry.Next week is expected delivery of timber for the walls of the house.By this time, the contours of buried under the ground and the lightning rod, drainage works carried out.

Delivery of timber

Finally, in mid-August brought the first batch of timber and began to build a house wall.Beam width of 215 mm.The cost is 23 000 rubles.per cubic threaded cups.

quality timber brought back turned good.Only replace a few boards, because the bowls are not from this house.Bars changed without red tape.Brought another batch of timber, it is not satisfactory.The walls of the house began to grow.

upper part of the cap will close Epps and bricklaying, and the top will ebb.The house floor will rise by 15 cm, because it will be built under the communication, water and heating.Level floors in the building will be on a par with the level of floor terrace.The floors are planned to fill with a mixture of lightweight aggregate to not burden the design of the house.

House has grown considerably, and will soon start to put the overlap of the first floor.They will make a section of the beams 260h180 mm, and already they are putting a floor joists.

Often rains.To protect timber from moisture workers adjust stapler film.

While there was no bar in the basement of the builders installed windows Trokal A5 with triple-pane windows with "E-glass".And just then came the last car from the beam.The result was that the house went 170 cubes.

workers began dismantling a temporary fence to align the platform in front of the house, fill it and make a parking space for the car.

Build walls of the house is coming to an end.But, despite a height of about 10 meters workers work without fear or slow down the pace.That laid the last beams and walls of the house converged puzzle could not be good.

After the walls have begun to install lag the floor of the second floor.Tomorrow is planned, in places cut the speaker, remove the pins of the entire height of the house.

end of the last work on the assembly of the box.The next week plans to begin okosyachke door and window openings.For this agreement with a team specializing in these studies and have acquired them dry planed board for okosyachki window and door openings and other necessary materials.On Tuesday, the team is expected to arrive roofers.

last September 27 box of timber was finally assembled.

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