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02 June 2016
In winter alex30rus surf the Internet in search of the project for the construction of his house.As a result of searching, he came across a forum "Home and Cottage" and decided to settle here.

First of all, it considered the draft ease (in his understanding), as well as the opportunity to use some of the materials that were already available.

In a conversation with your friends, who are at home, he received advice to do with floors of basement w / concrete slabs and walls of gas silicate or put HEC lined.At the same time, regardless of the material from which to build a house, it must be beautiful.

a result of a long search, he found the project 53-30 and decided that after some alterations in its core it is suitable.

spring 2009 alex30rus found a designer who took over the job - and a set of draft documents for obtaining building permits - 30 thousand rubles.

Building foundation

While there was the paperwork, alex30rus marked out the site and began digging the foundation pit for th
e tape.The depth of the pit was 1 meter.Delves into 3 stages, periodically checking the horizontal leveling instrument.Having

meter deep pit, the builders of the future marked out the location of continuous footing and deepen it on a sand cushion thickness and schebёnki that showered from above.

then put the formwork.In order to make the sole foundation waterproofing tapes, builders laid on schebёnku roofing material, and missed it 3 times mastic asphalt.After waterproofing work began to knit reinforcement for the foundation.

went on pouring the foundations of 15 m / 3 concrete.The foundation was poured four.Beginning at 10:00 am and ended at 12-00.Then he closed the film.

After 2 days, the formwork was removed, we did backfill.And for this alex30rus purchased 3 Kamaz sand dunes and with the workers, he scattered them by hand into the tape.This was done by layering prilivka and compaction of sand.On top of sand dunes poured 10 cm of river sand, which also surged and stamped.

Laying PBS

alex30rus There were 30 pieces.whole FBS (b / y) and a quantity of debris.On stacking blocks builders took 2 days from 9-00 to 20-00.Then, the Uzbeks closed the gap between the hole and the PBS solution and began to install the formwork for pouring Laying nets.Formwork checked by leveling.After checking the error was less than 1 cm. Then, the plate was treated with PBS mastic asphalt.Laying nets poured concrete pump JBK.

Laying nets When fully grown, were brought to the floor slabs of the first floor.To install alex30rus ordered tap.Plates installed together with a friend.In place of the opening of the ladder they built sill between them filled solid portion.The gaps between the plates were covered with concrete.

At this stage of the construction season in 2009 was completed.Water pipe is insulated, electrical panel is closed the lock.The plan was to put more fence, but during the construction of all finances were exhausted, and the construction was postponed for the next season.

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