"Palace of Versailles" with his own hands

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02 June 2016
to build a house on the dacha favorite tёscha borrowed for the construction of 240 thousand rubles., And the test for his stash promised to buy units for the construction of a basement.


In connection with such circumstances fakel decided to build a house with a basement, an attic full first and in the bargain.The result is a 240 m / 2.In autumn 2008, we bought and brought to the site: concrete blocks, rubble stone (bought very cheap).In the basement it decided to place: garage, boiler room and billiards.Cap decided to lift the concrete blocks and rubble

spring 2009 fakel continued construction of the house.First he hired flowing passing grader, who shot 50 centimeters and made a bunch of black soil in one place.

And May 20 was hired excavator for 1 000 rubles.per hour, which I was late and did not come on time.With it was an open pit.More found a neighbor who needed land.Earth was taken 50 KamAZ trucks.Part of the black earth, he left himself.

After the pit dug, fakel with the
father shovels trimmed level, and to be sure he was invited to an expert leveled.After the measurements, it became clear that the horizontal bottom of the pit.

Construction cap

stacking blocks brought to the mixer from a neighbor stretched electric cable, people gathered for the laying of the blocks.We hired a crane for 5600 rubles.After placing all the 52 units it was found that they are not enough.Therefore it was decided to seal all holes and openings using rubble stone.

Thus, the building lasted for three long months.Closed on weekends and holidays.We used cement mixers, and workers were fakel and his father in law.

After plugging the gaping holes in the base have begun to raise the ground, the front of the meter-high plinth of sand-lime brick and rubble.

For basement fakel began searching for its overlapping plates.In the end, I bought a used / y plate 3 000 rubles.and the size of each 6h1,2 meters.The size was not quite suitable and therefore they had to be shortened slightly.

Here come November 2nd.Come on cold days.The mixed and laid the solution dries.Due to this fact it was decided to close the building work in 2009.

Building 2010 season began with a basement shelter with concrete slabs of different sizes, which are then cut with a diamond disk grinder.

May 4 brought 37 cubic meters of gas silicate blocks of 200h250h600 mm and a density of 500, the next day brought the remaining 23 cubic meters.Units purchased on the advice of the architect's brother as a budget option.When buying blocks dealer said that in the cube unit 31.After long conversations had to convince him that the cube - 33.3 block.As a result, remained intact after the purchase of 8.5 thousand. Rub.


was drilled - up to 16 meters of water.It cost 45,000 rubles fun.The well was lowered asbestos pipes, and then it goes down to the pump hose is connected to it.

Meanwhile, the masons did not sit in place and have already built a third of the first floor.Before you start laying fakel long thought what to put on blocks - on the adhesive or mortar.But in the end, he settled on a solution.Because the glue is expensive and difficult to obtain.The solution is to block puts a strip - with one another with the outer edge of the inner and middle layer of air remains.With such masonry seam is obtained 1.5 cm.

Cake wall of the house is - bearing walls are made of silicate blocks, then sheathed foam wall, and on top of it is laid out facing brick.

Like many in the district as fakel Laying nets used red brick, laid in 2 rows.

In November, 2010, the closing of the construction season.We put the slab of the first floor, and on top of a pile of decomposed gas silicate blocks and covered them in the winter film.

Plan for 2011 - to build a mansard roof and gates, carrying electricity.

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