Rebuilding homes at minimal cost

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02 June 2016
spend a lot of money and build a good house is not very difficult, and to build a decent house for little money can be patient and wise man.

Guided by the slogan s_e_s_h began rebuilding the house, which was purchased in conjunction with the site.

site search

s_e_s_h the spring of 2007 with his wife realized that the "rest" in cottages with friends and relatives do not want to, and so it was decided to buy for themselves dacha.

criteria for the purchase of the site are as follows: it should be near the city, no less than five acres, the cost should not exceed 350 thousand rubles., Necessary to have a bath, the house in which to live and do not spend a lot of money for repairs and the possibility ofin the future to rebuild the house on your own.

As a result, once transgressed cottage villages, areas with gas, and other amenities.It remains to look for areas with old buildings.Just in time for this and uncle lived s_e_s_h.The site is located in the garden partnership, which is located near the c
ity.With this partnership s_e_s_h and began their search.

Within two months, he and his wife came to the country to his uncle and walking bypassed all the surrounding suburban towns.Familiar with the chairmen of the guards, and local vacationers and left their contacts.

in the search across different versions, but the price was inflated, or soul, or lying to them.As a result of a long search, they're desperate to find something suitable, lastly decided to go to the end of the street is not passed.At the end of the street was the last house, the cost of which, according to a security guard, was 450 000 rubles.

House did not look very good, and the price was great for them, but they still got acquainted with their neighbors, the owners took the phone and called that evening to them.During the conversation it became clear that the price of the plot with the house is 300 000 rubles.

Then they immediately agreed to meet with the owners of the area and see the house.The house was the size of a brick 6h6,6 m., Outside plaster.As an overlapping plate factory.The house has two rooms.The second floor is made of timber with a bathroom, stove and balcony, and an external staircase from the ground.Above the second floor attic with two rooms and a slate gable roof.At the entrance porch of the steep stairs from the second floor.

More at the site has a bath with an old rotten floor and a broken stove.The site itself has a size of six acres.He looks abandoned, with dried apple.One side of the area adjacent to the forest.There is a well with a hand pump.

For 300 000 rubles.they left and the furniture in the house.Thus, in 2007 s_e_s_h with his family became the owner of its suburban area with sauna and home.

After searching the site s_e_s_h made conclusions that:
  • If you want something, make sure you'll get his;
  • amount of time spent searching - is directly proportional to the result;
  • Search site better and more profitable not to the newspapers and ads, but personally

The yard was autumn, and it was decided to give land is in order - to uproot the old apple trees, remove trash and do winter project of the future house.

How convenient uprooting trees

removed the earth around the tree at a distance of 30 cm and a depth of bayonet spade.The roots were carefully cleaned from the ground and saw off a chain saw.After the fall of the tree, and saw off the roots under the barrel.The pit is filled with earth.

Repair baths

purchasing land with a house and a bath, s_e_s_h just wanted to warm up, but first it was necessary to bring the bath in order.

He began by saying that the renovated bath brick oven.For this restored brickwork and smeared all the cracks in the furnace was replaced by gate - old rusty.

then took off and threw all the rotten floor.On the concrete floor I put the shield of the boards, caulk all the walls and bath tow start a new life.After repairing the whole winter he went to bathe, Woman in a bath regularly.Even despite the fact that the water carried in flasks 2 flight (to the house 20 min).

long as it was winter, s_e_s_h and his wife have long thought, and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to build a house, based on the existing site.

In this embodiment, was several advantages:
  • While there is construction of a house in the old can live because the construction will be around him.
  • Available space of an old house in good condition, although in need of some renovation.
  • It was not necessary to begin construction from zero cycle (the foundation)
requirements for future cottage
  • After the construction area of ​​the house should be at least 150 m / 2.
  • necessarily have to be a spacious living room with dining area;
  • The architecture of the house must be a bay window to the house did not look like a village;
  • comfortable and spacious staircase, separated doors;
  • shall provide the technical facilities for the location of all communication at home;
  • Mandatory opportunity to stay all year round;
  • construction costs should be minimal;
  • Finally, the house should be designed so that during a possible flooding house (every 5 years), layout and materials of the first floor were resistant to flooding.
After all the reflections and advice from relatives, he decided to increase the house on the facade of 3.5 m. And a bay window to attach to the house.

project rebuild homes

On the first floor, it was decided to make:
  • One utility room of 6.5 square meters;
  • Hallway 7.8 sq.m .;
  • cold hallway 8.5 m;
  • WC 5.8 m .;
  • Gym 24.1 m;
  • ladder 6.3 m
  • Total area of ​​the ground floor - 59.3 sq.m.

On the second floor must fit:

  • kitchen-dining room of 16.1 m;
  • Living na29 sq.m.
  • Cabinet 9.6 sq.m .;
  • Balcony 1 sq.m.(Turned accidentally)
  • Stairs - 7.6 m .;
  • total area of ​​the second floor of - 63.3 sq.m.

On the third floor should be:
  • Children 17 sq.m .;
  • bedroom 19.6 sq.m .;
  • Hall 6.6 sq.m .;
  • Wardrobe 9.7 sq.m .;
  • WC 6.1 m .;
  • ladder 7.8 m .;
  • whole area of ​​the third floor is equal to 66.8 sq.m.
Thus the total area of ​​the proposed house should be 194 sq / m.

During the design, it became clear that the need to have a 3-dimensional visualization of the project and in any case not to start building a house without a completed project.

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