Construction of houses from glued beams.

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02 June 2016

last Tuesday arrived brigade okosyachnikov and roofers.But they had no luck - the rain came and poured two days.After the end of a process of okosyachki rain.


Through an oversight Alex702 okosyachniki almost nakosyachili.The fact is that for the interior door 80 cm considering okosyachnyh board openings are too narrow.Then he counted everything and gave new instructions.For doors 80 cm wide doorway to okosyachki should be 100 cm wide, 70 cm for the door - 90 cm.


Hardly bought boards on the roof rafters.Qualitative dry board size 50x200 was not easy to find.As a result, it was necessary to purchase a small batch, dry and planed boards 195h45 length of 6 meters.In the future, the board had to purchase small quantities of 1.5-2 cube for 11 000

rafter system to make "skolzyachkah."Put it, the workers began to install a vapor barrier and inside sheathing.Then began the roof insulation.

to build a house in three places there are different types of wo

rk.Sliding gates CAME mechanism and part of the capital of the fence with gates and wicket made Uzbeks.Another team finishes a day okosyachku doors and windows.Then, measurements will be made and ordered windows that promise to bring in three weeks and immediately set.A team from Nizhny Novgorod makes roof - have closed the entire roof top hydro-steam-membrane, and a week later will put katepal.Ventilation will be solid on the ridge, and not through the aerators.

weather began to deteriorate, it rains, so the main task at the moment to quickly close the roof.The roof is already covered by the upper membrane, and more than half of the roof is already closed OSB.

finally brought the long-awaited accessories for roofing shingles soft Rufleks (katepal) colors of red granite.At the roof brought up the whole drainage system - it is a metal Aquasystem.


Bought Trokal PVC windows with double-sided lamination.Good wood were very expensive, and cheap wood experts do not advise buying.

continue roofing work.Made all the preparations and started laying soft tile - rufleks-katepal.

Inside the house on the perimeter of the first floor terrace and porch made from plywood protective collar to a height of a future tie, so that has ventilation, and not adjacent to the tie rod.Concrete slabs laid on the site of the future park.

End Roofing

That finished roof, installed drainage systems, all filed overhangs, made terrace and porch.Spend the wiring under the lights on the terrace.Made screed on the terrace and porch.Sex on the porch and terrace EPPPS insulated with two layers of 5 cm each (to a room located underneath the cap was warm).He began to paint the house ground Tikkurila Vlti Pohyuste.

Subsequent work on the site

Throughout the site there is an active work on the construction of communications - lined plot of land near the house and brought nine trucks with clay, workers began digging two wells - the drain on six rings for receiving wastewater from the house.

bought and put into place 15 Tapas-Long, held the pipe in the drainage wells, drilled wells, installed in temporary electrical panel.Preparations are underway for the installation of heating and electricity.Something where you want to finish the roof.

began working in the basement bathroom with shower, drilled a well and brought the water into the boiler room.Passed water for analysis to determine its composition and set the desired filter in the water.

There is tiling in the boiler room and laundry room, the room is painted cap.Belatedly delivered and installed windows.Brought Finnish door to enter the house and also installed.Start slowly heated room house oil radiators to a temperature of 8-10 degrees Celsius, and began installation of heating in the house.

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