Installation of ceramic tiles

By Admin | Building Materials
30 May 2016

to ceramic tiles, this eco-friendly natural material feast for many years, is necessary to properly carry out the installation of ceramic tiles, with all the technological features.

First of all, you need to competently make a truss system.Since when using a ceramic tile on the rafter load will be higher than when using a metal roof, the step should be 60-90 cm (with a standard tool bar 150 x 50 mm).The exact figure is determined by the snow load and length of the slope.


As a rule, a single layer of waterproofing for tiled roof is sufficient, but with a slope of 20 ° and below need to stack two layers.For auxiliary waterproofing can use modern roll materials that are well protect from atmospheric moisture roof space.

With a large roof pitch (50 °) tiles must be attached to the sheathing screws or specially designed clamps.

natural ceramic tiles can be used for roofing any complexity.Thus it is necessary to take into account that the more intricate designed roof, the greater the need to be additio

nal elements.Such as spinal tiles, components for valleys, half-tiles, ventilation elements, etc.Therefore, we must prepare for the additional costs.

most popular forms of two tiles "beaver tail" and flat grooving (lock).Slot tile cling both crate and for adjacent tiles, thanks to the grooves.The roof of ceramic tiles of this type are well withstand temperature variations, shrinkage of the building, as the slots allow the displacement of tiles to several millimeters.Tiles "beaver tail" created so that when installing tile overlaps the junction of two adjacent elements of the bottom row.These tiles are more convenient to handle, since they do not lock, so they are used on roofs with complex geometry.

During installation you need to move from the bottom up, fixing the tiles from left to right.By furring tiles fastened with staples, wire, capping or nails.In addition, it is necessary to fix the lower, upper and side screws through the ranks.

to uniformly disperse the load on the rafters, installation of ceramic tile is better to make both ramps simultaneously.Tiles better to spread out in small piles on all slopes, which would make a uniform load on the rafters.To have mounted as not to damage the roof, roofers better move on crate, moving the tiles in the right places (and closing the pushing).

From how well will be installed ceramic tile, depends largely on how long it will last.Needless to say that such an important matter is best left to the professionals.