The roof of metal

By Admin | Building Materials
30 May 2016

Of all the components of the building, the roof, as well as the foundation, has the greatest functional significance.When choosing a roofing material, it is necessary to pay attention not only on its aesthetic appearance, but also take into account the specifics of the particular design of the roof.Furthermore, the choice of material depends on how the space will be used in the attic.

choice of material for the roof is a very important step in the construction of the building.From this choice will depend on how the service life of the roof and exterior structure of the appeal.

Currently, there is a huge variety of materials for roofing, and everyone can choose what suits him particularly.It may be evroshifer and roofing asphalt and ceramic tiles made of natural and shale or composite roofing, and of course the roof of metallocherepitsay.

metal roofing

Metal - it is a new roofing material, which appeared at the end of the last century.Its appearance is due to the implementation of design solutions aimed at obtai

ning a more stylish design of the roof of houses and giving them a more aesthetic appearance.Metal tiles can be used on all types of pitched roofs on which a spherical slant over 14 degrees.

Manufacture of metal is not a simple process that involves several steps.First of all, using special metalworking techniques, large sheets of galvanized steel, subjected passivirovke (processing special coating that protects the zinc from oxidation).After that produce a special bond primer film.Then, in front of the steel sheet is applied to the polymer coating of a certain color, which gives the product an aesthetic appearance and protects it from harmful environmental factors.On the back of the sheet is treated with protective varnish.

The next step is to create the necessary production of steel sheet profile.Normally, using a technique cross stamping applied ornament, which mimics natural tile neatly arranged.During the installation of metal roofing is placed overlapping, or fastened to the frame rails, using screws for the roof, which are treated with anticorrosive.With this method of installation is not necessary to use a drilling machine for punching holes in a metal tile.

In addition, there is still a number of advantages for applications is metal for roofing.Its light weight makes it possible to reduce the cost of the roof.Metal is not complicated to install and easily changed at any site, if necessary.From an environmental point of view, it is absolutely safe.The cost of the material is quite tolerable, with the service of metal about 40 years.

is also worth noting that the metal roofing to operate without changing its properties, can be at a temperature of minus 50 to plus 120 degrees.Is performed in a variety of colors, it is resistant to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and precipitation.

can use sheet metal in standard sizes and can be ordered special, given the slope of the roof, which naturally leads to a decrease in the amount of waste.For roofing complex decorative shapes can order no sheets and small sized tiles, fitted invisible locking fastening.

these disadvantages of metal can only be increased noise precipitation.But do not forget that the same problem applies to virtually all types of materials for the roof.It is therefore possible to say that metal is currently ideal for coating roofs.