High-quality floor boards

By Admin | Building Materials
30 May 2016

Everyone knows that the laws of dialectics, everything is repeated again and again at regular intervals.And each subsequent time it takes on a more qualitative level.It is according to this law, in our homes and apartments comes triumphant return, forgotten in recent decades, wooden floors.

should be noted that this is not the same with a terrible crack floors creak and crackle underfoot, the cracks are easily sank coins and buttons.Currently, plank floors are stylish and practical floor coverings, which are made of solid wood.Therefore, the story of how in her apartment grandmother lost her royal gold coin that has fallen into a crack between the floorboards, is not relevant.

plank floors

Basically, all solid wood on the market construction and repair is made of precious wood, which ensures its excellent appearance and excellent technical characteristics.

material used for wooden floors, dried and subjected to qualitative special treatment, which is achieved using a specially developed technologies.

main advantage of solid boards recognized its integrity.In solid wood, in contrast to the parquet flooring and beams, there is no adhesive joints.For the joining of solid wood flooring is used for the installation of a specially designed grooves and ridges that securely fasten planks together.Subsequently, the operation takes place sexes their natural shrinkage, which may lead to the formation of small gaps.But these gaps are not creating cracks in the floor and, in addition, as if they naturally focus on naturalness flooring, emphasizing the beauty of the wood texture.

worth noting that the massive board that is used to install the floor, does not require staining.You can only make her staining or cause the surface light layer of colorless varnish.

When installing the room made of solid wood, it is mandatory to install a good ventilation system, or mount a device to moisten the air.This is caused by the need for that in the cold season when space heating occurs perceived decline in humidity, which certainly lead to the process of cracks of wood, from which made flooring.It is in this case, after a while we begin to hear the annoying creaking floors in our homes.

Incidentally, the installation of ventilation and humidifiers will have a beneficial effect on the rest of the furniture and not only furniture made of natural wood (wardrobe, chest of drawers, piano, piano).And directly to tenants apartments, clean and properly humidified air will keep a good mood and good health for years to come.

You can be sure that, having decided to apply for the installation of solid wood flooring in your home or office, you no wrong in his choice of material.Residents of European countries has long favored just such an environmentally friendly floors.Very much in demand solid wood floors from a loving quality and at the same time saving, pedants, the Germans, and only this nation will never use anything inferior or impractical.

And, perhaps most important - to ensure the long life of your flooring from solid wood, invite experienced builders to install it.Professional installation will allow you to enjoy many years of comfortable and beautiful floors in your home, giving joy and good mood the whole family.