As health house?

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30 May 2016

Toxic materials, substandard dyes, excessive humidity and other factors can affect the well-being of even the most physically strong person.This is not surprising, because we hold in four walls up to 20 hours a day, and the air in the house is 6-8 times dirtier than street.

What house built?How is it insulated?Good ventilation is working?What made partitions, furniture, design elements?All this must be taken into account.Then, the most expensive area in the world will be truly comfortable and safe.

And the walls have a soul ...

wood, brick, or a new material - foam concrete?How will the choice of health inhabitants of the house?

It's hard to imagine a more natural material than wood.Wood - whether logs or lumber - "breathes".Therefore, in a wooden building is always a natural way to maintain a favorable climate.Wood is warm, lightweight, durable.But it is afraid of fire.Moreover, it often settle bugs and fungal organisms which can significantly shorten the life of the building.To protect your hom

e from these misfortunes, the wood is treated with a special compound.And it is chemistry.So ecological wooden house - relative concept.

However, wood - the only material that has what is called the "soul".And no flame retardants are not able to hide it.For some, this is important.

Brick produced based on natural materials.By itself, it adversely impacts on human health has not, but beneficial - too.Brick is durable, it is not afraid of fire.It is a choice thorough person for whom it is important to feel the unwavering reliability of native walls.

Foam lightweight and easy to installation.Outside its thermal conductivity as low as a tree.It is non-flammable, like a brick.Made of foam cement, sand, foam concentrate and water.But harmless to human health can be considered as not every foam.

Air blocks are made in two ways.First, pour a large layer of material is then cut it into pieces, or blocks the right size to make the right forms (tapes).In the first case, the eco-friendly products do not suffer.In the second - it all depends on the integrity of the manufacturer.The material does not to pristyval forms thereof, is treated with a special compound.Harmless to human health import greases, which in a few days completely evaporate, are expensive.So often the tape lubricated waste oil.So if concrete blocks are visible oily stains, should look for another product.

In general, you can live in a wooden and brick building, and the building of foam blocks.If the material is high quality, there is no reason to fear for the well-being of households.

Phantom Menace or invisible defender?

Not all materials used in the construction, see the inhabitants of the house.Many, such as the insulation, safely hidden under a layer of internal or external finishes.

But it is worth paying close attention.And you need to consider not only how well it is doing their direct function - to keep heat in the house, but other indicators.

important that the insulation has a vapor-permeable.Then nothing will prevent water vapor naturally evaporate out through the wall.Otherwise, moisture will build up on the walls.On durability supporting structures, finishes and furniture humidity will affect not the best way.In addition, dampness in the home is fraught with diseases of the respiratory tract, and the inhabitants of the joints too wet areas often complain.

The second thing you should pay attention - flammability.Alas, renounce this disaster - fire, probably no one would dare.Therefore, the best possible care of their security in the event of an emergency.Non-flammable thermal insulation during a fire would impede the spread of fire.For example, mineral wool insulation on the basis of stone not only burns, but did not melt and does not emit toxic substances under the influence of temperature.

In addition, insulation must be environmentally friendly.It is desirable that it is made from natural materials.

all requirements - vapor permeability, non-combustibility, environmental friendliness - the most responsible mineral wool made of natural materials (stone).The decisions based on it are used in thermal insulation of facades, floors, roofs.

When choosing insulation, as well as other materials, it is important to trust the manufacturer.Large companies with the name and long experience will ensure compliance of the products with the strictest international standards and consistent quality.For example, the Scandinavian brand insulation ROCKWOOL (manufactured stone materials) produced since 1937.Concern for the preservation of warmth and safety in buildings it is trusted worldwide.

How do the weather?

home environment is as important to human health than the climate of the region where he lives.

Needless overheated room no cozier too cold.The temperature in the room you want to monitor and instruct it better automation.It, unlike man, his subjective feelings always accurate.The system, installed on the boiler or radiators, support indoor set temperature and, if the street sharply colder or warmer, the weather will adjust itself in the house.

comfortable temperature - not all.The air is fresh.It is not enough time in the day for half an hour to open the windows.Firstly, we need high-quality ventilation.Second, you should consider conditioning (cooling) air.Humidity also need to be adjusted.The easiest way to do this - to put humidifiers in every room.However, this solution is not much more professional than if you just keep the aquarium in rooms, board waterfalls and water containers.

really great atmosphere in the house is able to provide a centralized system of air heating.Its principal difference from the usual water system us that the air is heated directly instead of through the hot water.This system avoids the hassles associated with leaks.In addition, she takes care of everything at home microclimate.In ducts can let the fresh air, and thus solve the problem of ventilation.If served chilled air conditioning is provided.Moisturize - is not a problem, just connect to the water supply system.Finally, the purification of air also occurs in the same system, if the air outlet is a filter.

PVC - is there a catch?

Polyvinyl chloride - the name says it environmentally friendly here and does not smell.In Europe, new windows have become rare.In most cases, the PVC we associate with a profile, which is used in the production of euro-windows.

often said that such windows emit dioxins - dangerous substances that accumulate in the body, undermine the immune system and even cause cancer.But recent studies have shown that under normal circumstances a quality PVC is harmless.But in case of fire toxic vapors melting plastic.

Otherwise, the choice of plastic - wood, rather, a matter of taste than of ecology.Wooden windows seemed designed for the home environment, first of all, because they are better than PVC profiles retain heat.Plastic is beautiful, practical, does not require periodic painting.But he is faceless and more suitable for offices and public spaces than for residential.

On the other hand, if a wood windows - low quality, a favorable microclimate in the building, you can forget: cracks, bumps, wobbly windows ... In this case, the plastic will be warmer and safer, and more beautiful.It is also better to give preference to well-known brands, such as the German Rehau, KBE, Trocal.

Century synthetic disappearing

Many modern materials have no place in a healthy house.This primarily concerns artificial linoleum.The sun room quickly heats up and begins to give off toxic resins that are harmful to eyes and skin.But not every linoleum conceals a danger.The material on the basis of natural jute or natural resin is safe.

considered eco-friendly flooring tiles, which is made of clay.It is strong and refractory, moreover, at its surface not accumulate microbes.Wooden floor - boards or flooring - is not satisfactory in relation to environmental protection.

As for the walls, there are ideal vegetable wallpaper, such as bamboo or fabric (silk, cotton), but they capricious and expensive.Their excellent substitute for paper wallpaper.Paper breathable, "breathe", so the wall does not dampen a wallpaper and moldy.Glass fiber is also not afraid of mold.They are environmentally friendly.Furthermore, they do not "settle" microbes.Vinyl synthetic base unless you can paste over the bathroom walls or the hallway.

Furniture is better to choose from solid or veneer.For health hazardous wood substitutes: OSB, MDF, HDF.All of these may cause harmful to the human body, especially a child, substances.Even small concentrations can cause nausea and headaches.Cheap low-quality plastics can also exude a "bouquet" of harmful substances.

Synthetic fabrics (polyester, polyamide, etc.), despite their longevity, in the interior try to use to a minimum.Synthetics are generally not "breathe", moreover, is highly flammable.

But just abandon the artificial materials in the interior is not worth it.The main thing - to know that they are safe.For example, vases, chairs, decorative partitions and canopies made of polycarbonate will not cause harm, but the interior will add brightness.Polycarbonate is beautiful and clear, almost like glass, and at the same time, it is a very durable material.

metals - steel, brass and bronze - is not dangerous for humans and may well be part of a healthy interior.

The conclusion is clear: the most natural materials.But for that we appreciate them so - environmentally friendly - easy to ruin.Enough, for example, paint the cheap parquet lacquer.Solvent vapors, which is included in its composition, can irritate the eyes and even cause skin lesions.With colors, too, need to be careful.Alkyd, oil, enamel paint dry for a long time and at the same unpleasant smell, often causing headaches.Allergies, problems with kidneys and liver may also be the consequence of the use of low-quality analog.Therefore, the house is better to choose more eco-friendly water-based paints.

So, to create a healthy interior, above all, have patience: to study the composition of the materials, ask the seller hygiene certificate, watch the degree of ecological paints and coatings.Health care is not only good nutrition, sport, fresh air - that's not enough.It is important that the house where you live, to be healthy.

Alexander Ageev

Quiz: How healthy is your home?

1. What is your house built?

  • wood
  • brick
  • modern concrete block high-quality materials
  • of concrete blocks, but in their capacity as I'm not sure (a)

2. What did you follow when choosing insulation for your home?

  • chose (a) vapor-permeable insulation quality famous brand
  • importantly - an indicator of the thermal conductivity, the rest is secondary
  • chose, given the first price
  • somewhat insulated, okay

3. As in your home address the issueHeating?

  • centralized automatic air heating
  • water heating with automatic
  • water heating with manual temperature control
  • oil, electric heating

4. care whether you about the purity and freshness of the air in the house?

  • course!House has a home air purifier with multiple functions
  • We have a well-functioning hood, do wet cleaning, air - it seems to me quite
  • air in the house is not as fresh as we would like, we have a long time to air
  • Isit is important?

5. What are the windows in your home?

  • modern wooden
  • plastic windows, euro
  • something good, but let down installers ...
  • like in the old "Khrushchev".In winter caulked - and order

6. How do you choose the materials for interior design?

  • only natural - wood, natural stone, ceramic, metal, natural fabrics.Always I ask certificates.
  • combines natural and synthetic materials.Recent choose carefully, read product composition
  • I have nothing against synthetic
  • I would have cheaper

Calculate points:

1 2 3 4 5 6
A 3 3 3 3 3 3
B 2 2 3 2 2 2
In 2 1 2 1 1 1
T 0 0 0 0 0 0


6 points or less:

You probably have not thought before that the atmosphere in the home can affect your health.Frequent headaches, kidney problems, liver, colds several times a year?Maybe you are still young and all that you have not yet threatened.But it is better to cure your home than a lifetime to be treated yourself.The main thing is to reveal in his fortress weaknesses.And they, judging by the results of the test in your home a lot ...

7 - 13 points:

In general, you do not have much to worry about.But there are moments on which it is worth considering.Maybe the next planning repairs, you rethink your approach to the choice of materials.And yet, there is nothing better for a healthy sleep and good health than clean and fresh air in the house.

14 points and more:

You have the right approach: health, first and foremost.And it starts with the house, where you live.Congratulations, your home can be considered healthy!