Protection of wood from fungus

By Admin | Building Materials
30 May 2016

Everyone knows that wood is an environmentally friendly material with a long service life.But, unfortunately, very often the owners of wooden houses, no matter in which climate zone they live, are faced with this disaster - the defeat of the fungus structure.Struck by the fungus wooden house, it can be destroyed, or to require a very serious repair just 2-3 years.In order to avoid this serious problem, it is necessary to understand why the infection may start, and how to protect the wood from fungus.

types of fungi

most favorable period for the development of the fungus is a wet summer, it was then soaked in a warm wood and a high probability of occurrence of the fungus.Mushrooms, which lead to the destruction of wood are divided into two types - drevookrashivayuschie and drevorazrushayuschih.

Drevookrashivayuschy fungus is less harmful to the tree, the main type of the fungus mold is known to everyone.Mold can destroy solid wood, but it is very disfiguring appearance of spots and a touch of colo

r.For fibreboard mold is more harmful, since much of their hydrates, because of this the stove considerably lowered strength characteristics.Also worth noting is that the mold spores are a strong allergen.If we talk specifically about the mold, traces of life it can be removed using sandpaper, but the consequences of the "works" of other fungi drevookrashivayuschih will need to paint.

Staining buildings in all cases it protects against fungi, in wet conditions the fungus grows even through a layer of varnish and paint.The most commonly infected wet and not very long since felled trees.It is because of this, before drying lumber, it is treated with special trains, and during the air-drying material should be weather-beaten evenly and from all sides.During storage, you must ensure that the conditions under which the timber does not touch the ground and plants.And for good ventilation, logs and boards share spacers between the layers.

fungal species

drevorazrushayuschih mushrooms are classified by type of external modifications of wood under their influence.The most common wood-destroying fungus is "brown rot", which gives the infested trees brown hue.Wood under the action loses its characteristics of strength and then collapses into cubic pieces.

Solid wood species are often infected with "white rot", acting on the tree, it makes it porous, gradually reducing the strength of the wood.Drevorazrushayuschih mushrooms appear at a humidity of more than 30 percent.Note that for this type of fungi not matter all soaked wood or not - they conduct water from one part to another.Therefore, only when a wet spot in the house, mushrooms can disperse throughout the room.

protection from fungus

protect the structure against fungi must be immediately prior to the start of construction - above all, thoroughly dry the wood material to a moisture level not more than 20 percent.Drafted home, chances are that it may get wet should be kept to a minimum probability.

To ensure this condition you need to mount the drainage to drain groundwater from the construction site, install ventilation to the roof not accumulate moist air.

way, the increase in humidity depends not only on the atmospheric conditions, but also by direct condensation in the building.Lead quality gaps and cracks in window frames and doorways in the bathroom and other rooms with high humidity, you can avoid the problem of the accumulation of moisture in the walls.

greatest risk of infection by the fungus is exposed to a tree that is in direct contact with the soil.Therefore, the contact with the ground wood treated with insecticide or fungicide.Also, a similar processing is performed for wooden window frames.