Houses made of SIP panels

By Admin | Building Materials
30 May 2016

House for the whole family for a million rubles

Yes, it is true, exist today technology can build a comfortable home, which costs less than a one-bedroom apartment in a modern high-rise city, nothing behind it in the degree of comfort.

It's about the construction of prefabricated houses from SIP (SIP) panels - the most up to date material.Such panels are made of components which themselves possess unique properties.Frame SIP panels formed oriented - particle board (OSB) and mortgage elements of timber and conservation of heat and sound insulation provided by a layer of expanded polystyrene.Sandwich of these parts glued under high pressure to form SIP- plate with amazing properties.What you have just learned, is not fiction and not just advertising.

SIP panel awarded the highest energy efficiency class: 150mm panel is equivalent to the brick wall thickness of half a meter.Houses built of SIP panels, easily withstand drops from -50 to + 50 degrees, and even suitable for the conditions of the Far No

rth.Styrofoam heat-saving qualities are such that the only space heating at home can save you the amount that will pay for 10 years of construction costs.SIP panel can withstand a vertical load of up to 10 tons (!) With the horizontal bearing capacity of 2 tons / m2.

House of SIP panels can be two or three, and even five-story, even though it is contrary to the Russian SNIP for wooden houses.Environmental specifications SIP panels also excellent - there are certificates that allow them to build even from medical and social institutions.Especially for those who have stiffened, heard about the particle board, said that the SIR bears no relation to the CPD.OSB boards 90% consist of lengthy chip loaded in the transverse directions, and produces the surprising strength, and do not secrete phenol.SIP panels provide III degree of fire resistance, in other words, they inhibit the spread of fire within an hour.They include special fire retardants, giving them the ability to self-extinguishing.

Technological features

And now the most important thing.CIP plate is very manufacturable.They can be easily cut in all directions, so one can create everything you need: the foundation, wall, kryshevye panel, which in turn, are made at the factory on special machines and with high precision.That factory technology, coupled with the know-how of the developers, provide ease of assembly houses and their amazing efficiency.

Developer will prompt you to choose from a series of model projects of different price category.For example, the cost of the set for the construction of one-storey house with two bedrooms starts from 600 thousand. Rubles.

House of SIP panels are designed using the most advanced computer graphics and engineering calculations, instantaneously performs the simulation options for homes.This means that if you do not fit any of the proposed projects, you come to the designers with his thumbnail, and they will make it easy for him the individual project.And not just any project, the most technologically equipped factories for the production of such houses have CNC machines, for which the program will also automatically developed in the project, as well as all the necessary specifications and assembly drawings that will be required on site.

SIP panels are light weight - about 20 kg / m2, which greatly simplifies the assembly of the house on the site, as it reduces the need for lifting mechanisms.The rate of construction of houses from SIP panels impressive build the house of 150 m2, takes 7 to 10 days.Due to high precision parts manufactured at the plant of SIP panels when building a marriage does not happen.

home kit is delivered directly to the construction site of a trailer, so such houses can be installed at a considerable distance from the plant.Construction documents for a set of quite detailed and, in principle, allows for self-assembly by the developer, but the use of professionals from the manufacturer a much better solution.The new technology requires special tools and specific culture of construction work: they do not charge guest workers.