Way of granite pavers

By Admin | Building Materials
30 May 2016

ennoble your garden area in front of the cottage, a house, you can use granite paving.Venues and paths of it, will always be clean and functional.

Causeway Stone came to us from antiquity.Despite the higher cost of the granite stone, it attracts more and more people with his royal view, reflecting the old days, wealth and prestige.Way of granite paving stones among the greenery takes us away from the Earth and bustle of everyday life, in the world of harmony and eternal order.

Granite cobbles alone has dignity.She is not afraid of rainfall, extreme temperatures, heavy loads and resistant to frost and heat.Cobbles easy to installation and dismantling, not in need of repair.Granite pavers economical Unlike asphalt and concrete.High hardness and durability of granite known for a long time, it is not destroyed, and eternal.Granite, which is made of granite paving stones, has not increased background radiation.

By gapping granite stones, water well is leaking between the ground and does not accumulate

on the surface.Thermal effects do not affect the strength of granite paving stones.Heated, it does not emit harmful components such as asphalt.After the rain, the granite stone becomes slippery.Using different colors of granite, you can create different patterns, changing them if desired.The color saturation of the material does not change with time.

of today are made of granite pavers:

  • Polnopilenye (top heat treatment) to the processing of all the surface of the stone;
  • sawn-chopped (heat treatment) to the processing of the top and bottom or the sides of a treatment (top and bottom with the chopped);
  • Puncture without treatment.Chipped granite paving stones, made of pieces left over from the cutting blocks.

natural origin of granite makes it harmoniously decorate the garden paths of paving stones, to equip the site before the house, the cottage.Apply the granite paving stones you can cover streets and squares of cities, parks.

new direction in paving and grounds, was the use of curved tiles - granite fems shaped diamonds, hexagons, triangles and navy.Multi-colored granite of the theme, allow to collect the original patterns.

created from granite pavers and granite fems, landscape architecture, it is an artistic means of recreating the world, full of patterns and beauty.It can survive their owners, because it is much longer than a century.