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02 June 2016

house built Senin, it consists of: basement, first floor and attic.Entrance to the first floor to get a high - 170 cm. And a width of a flight of stairs.Therefore, the time has come to build a ladder.

Estimated options stairs

now had to decide what to do from a ladder to enter the house.Ladder from the tree he immediately rejected because of its fragility.

For several reasons had to abandon the final w / w ladder:
Firstly, the high price.

Secondly, because of the trees growing near a crane to install it impossible.

And, thirdly, to the lower end of the ladder to do the foundation and the upper end rests on the house.It is possible to offset the stairs because of the disconnectedness of these bases with each other.

Ladder of foam blocks

After weighing all the pros and cons Senin started construction of stairs from the remnants of foam blocks 20h30h60sm.At the direction of Senin builders quickly concreted area and lay down the stairs.The ladder was obtained from 8 steps.The height of each

tread and 21cm (width of steps) 30cm

entire staircase is made only of foam blocks without any frame.In order to save into the middle of the stairs, he added Booth.It took about 0.5 cubic metersAcross the stairs under the concrete blocks at the correct height, he put on two pieces of rebar length 190cm in places intended location of supports for the railing.Subsequently, the support welded to the valve.

after testing revealed that take the stairs inconvenient - you have to lift the feet too high.Senin wanted to change it.For this it was necessary to alter the height of the steps to 21cm and 16 by reducing the tread from 30cm to 24cm.As a result of alteration, by reducing the height of the 8 stages turned 10.

conditions for remaking steps

First of all, he drew a section of stairs in Photoshop on multiple sheets of paper, and then gradually took up its alteration.

as tools useful to him Bulgarian with a circle of concrete and punch with a wide spatula.Another very important that between the stairs and the house was a gap of about 1cm.

After remaking the whole staircase steps he stoned tile.It turned out easy to use and compact in size.

Stairs in the house

Stairs in the house always takes a lot of space, so ready to buy a ladder and enter it into the layout of the house is extremely difficult, especially when it comes to the stone.

«If you do not save on the thickness of the steps and stringers, do not drive into the house of a platoon of soldiers in boots, the wooden staircase is quite strong.".Arguing Senin made drawings for the stairs in his house himself, and builders have realized his project to life.

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