The tree with the strength of metal

By Admin | Building
02 June 2016

Since ancient times, it turned out that the house was built of wood and therefore the foundation frame house, too, was made of wood.European houses built on the technology fachwerk, nowadays perceived by tourists as a spectacular reception facade design house.Modern prefab homes are no different from the old fachwerk, the basis of two types of the same house - a wooden frame.

Despite the abundance of construction materials tree leaves his position and is one of the most popular in the construction of the house.And all this is not only due to its environmental friendliness and beauty.The fact that the tree is a very convenient material and used it to house being built quickly and easily.As with any material the tree has its drawbacks - it is the lack of density, rotting, flammability, but also to effectively overcome these shortcomings modern technology.

Modern methods of processing wood many times improve its properties and on this basis to create a completely new building material called Laminated V

eneer Lumber - which is a laminated veneer lumber has new installation and performance.It differs from plywood in that the thickness of the veneer is 3.2 mm, and the adjacent layers are glued in parallel.The result is a board beams and timber.

LVL has unique properties: it is not deformed and warped from moisture keeping accurate linear dimensions, regardless of the season, slightly reduced during drying.According to the specifications it can only compete glulam, LVL but it is much higher strength and beams made of this material are essential in the manufacture of the pillars and floor lengths.

comparing the permissible load on the bending and stretching along the fibers as conventional lumber and LVL, the latest in performance twice as strong.Beams from a conventional timber does not exceed eight meters, while LVL of eighteen meters is achieved.A distinctive feature of long products is their cost LVL: it slightly depends on the length, but the cost of laminated veneer lumber with increasing length many times increases.

Equally important in the construction of buildings is the ratio of strength and weight indicators.Especially this factor is important in low-rise construction.With a sufficient margin of safety and low weight LVL can be used around the house and therefore does not need a device powerful foundation, while removing the need to use special equipment to move designs from LVL, which in turn leads to a reduction in price of construction.

Manufacturing LVL

to produce LVL used only conifers.First of all, make their hydro and heat treatment, and then sawn trees fall into the conveyor lathe.This process is fully automated and computerized, and measurement of workpieces produced with precision laser devices.

dried veneer sheets after using ultrasound sorted and tested.It should be noted that the moisture of veneer line repeatedly checked and if necessary, it is sent to drying.After sorting, the most homogeneous and dense veneers are used for the manufacture of highly durable construction material.Bonding veneer produce resin which is neutral to oxidation while providing good fire resistance material.

veneer glued so that the seams of each successive layer are staggered evenly throughout the length of the rod.It is this method allows to achieve unique strength characteristics and patented by the company «Raute Wood», which is a supplier LVL.It should be noted that the entire production process control computer, it provides dimensional accuracy of produced goods.

LVL production is similar to plywood, but there are significant differences.Since the production of plywood veneer plies is cross arranged, and in the production of LVL - in parallel.In manufacturing LVL using veneer thickness of 3.2 mm.A thickness of the finished product may be up to 75 mm.

As the buyers have a wide range of LVL timber size.It may be between 2.5 to 18 m, a width of from 200 to 1830 mm and a thickness of 21 to 75 mm.

Due to its unique properties LVL is the most widely used, both in America and in Europe.Proven technology for centuries frame housing using modern technological material LVL help create homes of all sizes and for all tastes.