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02 June 2016

Malik married 26 years, and as for the Kazakh customs only son to live with his parents, he finally decided that we should build to everyone in the house was enough space.

few months he was looking for land for cottages and finally stumbled upon the announcement of the emergency sale of land located on the edge of the city, 150 meters from the road.Lot Size 11 acres, the land is flat.A little haggling, he knocked down the price of 2000 dollars to stay at $ 10 000 for the plot.

Before signing the deal at the notary, for insurance, he toured with the mistress plot all instances: visited the Land Committee, tax, focusing on the number of area neighbors made sure her room area and found that the land really belongs to her.Only after such a full-scale test, he signed the paper.

case went to the fall, and he decided to start to prepare all the paper on the ground and make the project at home.So far, we made out of paper he had to go through all the red tape, but he got his - paper issued correctly.

Project Selection

When choosing the project unanimously decided to base their relative's house.Malik's father ordered the same project, in late January, it approved and issued a building permit.And from that time he began to study all the building forums and gather information about the construction.

Now and summer in full swing, and it was impossible to find a team.Local builders want to work at an exorbitant price, and Uzbeks snapped up spring (for the work they take less than a local builder).Toward August Malik found the brigadier, who had several work teams.The other day, just one freed.He met with him, he looked at the project and has agreed to make a box for 10 000 dollars.A little thought Malik agreed because on the nose fall.

Building foundation

The plan is a two-story house size 14h17 meters with a basement.The basement is planned to set out concrete blocks, and the walls of the house rakushnyaka.For residential buildings, Malik acquired / used materials: 30pcs cushion in the amount and in the number of concrete blocks 150pcs.

to lift concrete blocks, he hired an old MAZ whose driver for $ 150 a day agreed to raise the blocks and slabs.

While imported units, dug a pit with the help of an excavator at a depth of 1.5 meters.Mark the location of the walls of the house, dug up the tape 20cm, rubble filled the middle fraction from the top with sand and began installing airbags.After installing them for reassurance, he invited a friend with leveling.Measurements showed that one corner of the basement lowered by 5 cm.


With working Malik immediately discuss some aspects of construction and payment.We decided to pay for the work in stages, if the payment is made with high quality and built as you'll have to hit them apart and rebuilt at his own expense.Agreed to begin to put the blocks.After installing them, he went on a business trip, and supervise the construction entrusted his father, and the progress of the work should be on the phone.In his absence, workers installed base plate and leveled to zero.While checking the level of leveling instrument turned out to be normal, and after measurements blocked floor slabs.

Malik decided to cover the floors of slabs because it takes little time and effort, and the crane was used for 5 hours.

During the discussion of the project at home Malik wanted to make it more light, so the windows do more.For warming the house he used Isover, it laid between the wall and facing the house.In the end wall section consists of rakushnyaka 40 cm, Isover insulation and facing brick.This Malik was careful thick seam between the bricks lining and when the workers they had to disassemble shalturili par.It was a lesson to them.

window when you put it on the edge of the box urged facing bricks, that there are no halves, and laying the cancellation.Therefore, he advises to build the box and spread the facing bricks together.
As a result of these efforts have raised the first floor of the days 12.

House plan

Malik decided to make the boiler room 3. It has a chimney for a gas boiler, and about the requirements are not asked, it was his fault.Gas workers have said that you need a window and a chimney is not suitable, so he had to make a hole - in the wall.Out on the street is not required, there should be a door.The boiler house will be located in room 2, it will divide it in half.

toilet and bath on the ground floor moved into the room 8, paragraphs 3,5,6,4 combine to make a great hall, and thus closing the entrance to the garage.The toilet and bath on the second floor united, but at the first left separate.

shields must be done in the garage.Vent one channel made in the kitchen, and brought him to the roof, and left under the tiles.A toilet and a bathroom, as they are almost on top of each other, made a separate exit to the street through the attic.

second floor

build a second floor, the work stopped a few days waiting for slabs.When they brought up the work went, and the second floor was quickly completed.But during its construction has increased the cost of renting a crane.So one day in the raised floor construction materials, were charged almost the entire area, taking care not to overload the plate, and the other day doing construction.Walls rose rapidly, and the view from the second floor was just amazing.

At the end of the first floor slab and put on the local custom slaughtered the second ram.

roof insulation

Before you put the roof frame was necessary to insulate it.Workers have suggested 25-Ku foam in 2 rows (second overlap seam of the first row).With foam Malik did not communicate, and took his uncle at work b / u in good condition mineral wool.The workers refused to work directly with her.But it put a condition or mineral wool, or warm up you fired.They agreed, and Malik bought for them disposable suits.First spread a roofing material, lay a 10 cm thick mineral wool turned out, then filled concrete block 12-14sm and top screed made 5-7cm.They worked all day and Malik with them.And when it was dark they were asked to work overtime and crane for a couple of hours under the headlights make the screed above the garage and summer kitchen.

While screed gained momentum - froze, working doors and do other work around the house and four days later when, having finished his work, masons have left, and their place was taken by a team roofers.

Building roof

Roofers his work began to measure the roof.Malik warned them that too much of the forest is not necessary to consider if something will be missed by himself, and then to purchase.As long as workers raised the roof frame, he looked for a metal tile and stopped at the "Cascade", although primarily thought to lay a soft tiles.But one pleases, if coverage is not like you can change everything, because the first floor is covered with concrete slabs.

As a result, the search focused on one company and ordered a chocolate-colored tiles.They promised that after 7 days will be ready to measure.During this time frame the roof done.They made the necessary measurements, went to the center of roofing, sizes laid in the program, it was different angles, and generally wrong.The engineer drew a sketch of how to make and advised to deal with the workers.After talking to them, they recognized that measurements done wrong.Then they quietly began to redo the roof, well, that did not manage to make a crate.

After fixing the roof frame superintendent said that froze let Roofers do it yourself, and if there are short lists, it is not responsible.Measurements took 7 days ,.With the company called and said that the chocolate-colored, no, there is only the color "cherry ripe", a train on the suburbs, Malik looked looked like a color.Basically he liked it, and agreed to purchase.Then bought a white steel sheet with corners (plastic not advised, he falls in strong winds) to the eaves.I learned step metal (30cm), and workers began to do crate.

Laying tiles

finally brought up the tiles.They began to lay the scheme, but despite this, some sheets were a little short, but he did not complain.Sheets placed gently from left to right, and everything happened as it should.While stacked tiles snowed, and the work slowed down slightly.But in the end to get a good roof.

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