What bath choose?

By Admin | Building
02 June 2016
But still - how to choose a bath?After all, everyone has their own interests and preferences ... in search of the perfect bath you just help this article.

Before making a choice you need to think about what you have for a better temperature conditions and a pair for you would be more comfortable?After all, this largely depends option baths ...

So, there are several types of baths

Finnish sauna

If you like intense heat and dry steam - this option is for you.The temperature reaches 100-120 degrees, well, a low level of humidity - just in the range of 4-10%.
guys in a small sauna.During the construction necessary to use synthetic thermal insulation (because they will keep dry air).The flooring shops need to leave gaps - otherwise the air circulation is not as good.
Flushing a bath can be wood, electric heater, gas or liquid fuel.For many, preferable, of course, the traditional view of the furnace - how to do without the smell of smoke and the "bathhouse" atmosphere?

Russian steam

This option is ideal for you if you prefer a wet steam.When the humidity is 40% at a bath temperature reaches approximately 50-60 degrees.From traditional Russian version of this modern room itself it is different, because it makes several rooms.It shall establish and shower, and a swimming pool, and font, make even the rest rooms and changing rooms.There are oven-resistant material - with the help of them you can warm up the bath is much faster than with traditional.
main bath are in such small windows and thick walls - because couples should stay as much as possible.Also, in each room is necessary to maintain a certain temperature: in the steam - about 50 degrees, in the locker room - not below 20 degrees, and the indoor washing - 40 degrees.And of course, the main attribute of Russian bath - birch twigs, which have a good effect on the body.

Turkish bath

Another name for this bath - hamam.If you do not tolerate heat, but still want to relax in the bath - this is an option for you.Humidity
hammam reaches 100%, the temperature - from 40 to 60 degrees.There is no longer the usual wall of wood.Instead, the suit lined with marble or other stone, in order to save the tiles can also be used.The steam is fed from the bottom with the help of the steam generators.The complexity of the construction and unusual here just seems that the bath can be build with their own hands.Adherents Turkish baths are becoming more and more - in fact, it is easily tolerated and has a great healing effect.Even young children can attend school.

Japanese bath.

you love all the unusual and exotic?Then the Japanese bath ofuro - for you.Appearance it resembles a large barrel and the water for a bath should insist on the grass.Water temperature - 45-50 degrees.After taking a bath you need to wipe with a towel and continue the procedure.The next step is to dive into another barrel soaked in aromatic oils, which is a mixture of hot chips and herbs.But the habit some may move it seriously.

on what to choose - you decide.The main thing that brought you the benefit of bath and some fun.Light steam!