Treat serious roof

By Admin | Building
02 June 2016

search for roofers

Began to search for roofers advertisements.Recorded phone ads on a pole at the bus stop.I phoned, like a small price, but to compare picked up a few more options.Large firms in such a small order is not agreed, the average, in my opinion, wringing prices.He stopped at the first - a cheaper version of what later bitterly regretted.

Not all is well that cheap

Said that cover the roof for a couple of days off.We work without special tools, tin cut on the eye.Quality roof "checked" rainy autumn, winter and spring thaw."Plus" it was the speed of the roofers, everything else can be attributed to the "minus".

On the advice of roofers I bought tin sheets width 85 cm - said that so reliable, less seams.It seems to be an indisputable argument, but in windy weather because of that my roof was making such a racket that even the neighbors became sick.

My house wood from lumber;year to shrink, at this time the roof covered with roofing material.Tinsmiths convinced me right on it stack

tin, said that double protection from moisture.In fact, the only gesture spoiled.From different temperatures between roofing material and sheets of tin began to accumulate condensate, which led to the corrosion of the metal.Moreover, the moisture began to move to crate, and that the damp start to rot.

But the "cons" do not end there.Roof - it skates and razzhelobki and gutters, and pipes, and edging.When laying roofing material most sensitive spot - a pipe.To the moisture held in the house needs work quality.That alone does not work, for the sake of objectivity, I will say - the wine is not only my mountain-masters, and stove-fitter.During the laying of the pipe he did not groove parallel to the slope of the roof, which is designed for high-quality sealing the upper edge of the rim.Tinsmiths edge secured somehow the nails, and the water in rainy weather, and proceeded to the attic through the ceiling seeped into the house.Sami nails rust formed on the cante rusty streaks.

eaves trough is also constructed in violation of the technology.On the roof to get back slope of the trough, where the water was going to rain and melting snow, and along with the dirt.Permanent metal corrosion in the end gave the flow and moisture with rust went to the wall.The water should drain away from the gutter into the drain pipe, but downcomer pipe almost exclusively concerned, so in windy weather water is sprayed, poured on the wall.

Roofers shabashniki turned out, did not conclude any contract, so the alteration of the marriage did not agree.We had to see at least one job tinsmiths, acquainted with their qualification certificates, to enter into a contract for the operation and warranty service.And, as I understand, it is better to pay more, but not have to deal with shabashniki and a roofing company, already proven in the construction market, which has its own manufacturing base, a special tool.And if the best masters recommend friends and acquaintances - so it is rather.

new roof

roof of his two years I have altered.I've thought of building a house with a warm roof.Take into account their experience, I got acquainted in the building directory errors taking place in the roofing.The choice of roofing experts entrusted

and insulating materials they gave businesslike consultation.Cheap asphalt, which I chose for under-roof waterproofing, could also damage the case.Although small, but misses the pair, which is enough for the moisture to accumulate in the design and trickled into the room, and the wooden rafters and purlins subjected to mold and rot.

work your company has performed efficiently.In the year of the warranty period, I have never expressed to her their claims.