House with basement!

By Admin | Building
02 June 2016
Indeed, without a basement construction cheaper.After all, the basement can increase the value of the home by an average of 30%.But let's look on the other side: barns needed in every home.And if the house is no basement, then the outbuildings need to look for a place in the house or build a separate additional facilities.And it can cost several times more expensive.

But after weighing all the "pros" and "cons" you decide that your future home basement needs.Now let's see how better to use the method of construction.

Consider the two most common options

first option

It begins with a pit to be dug with a margin of not less than a meter.Then, at the bottom of the pit put a mixture of sand and rubble.The foundation of the house is a monolithic slab of reinforced concrete that is cast on the prepared "cushion".Basement walls made of concrete foundation blocks according to the draft.Above the basement is usually overlap with concrete slabs that serve as the ceiling of the basement floor, while the
first floor.Outside the walls of the basement waterproofing should be laid, and then fill the cavity between them and the walls of the pit with soil.

In this technology, with all its advantages, there are also significant drawbacks.

Firstly, the construction should be carried out fast enough to avoid dislodging the walls of the pit.This means that a basement is almost impossible to build their own forces or small teams.And only if the use of heavy construction equipment: Excavator, truck, crane.

Secondly, the special requirements for the quality external waterproofing, as when laying blocks on the solution are always microcracks.And the wall of concrete blocks are not airtight.

Thirdly, the ground near the walls of the basement already does not have the density, as it was in its original form, before excavation.It becomes more hygroscopic, so the walls of the basement collects water from the surrounding soil.Make additional waterproofing is expensive, and therefore it is not too often.

turns out that the basement will be in a kind of mud bath as long as the structure and density of the soil is restored.This typically takes several years.All these factors significantly raise the price of construction of the basement.

second option

first foundation is marked according to the project, and then dug a trench to a depth of approximately 2 meters and a width of 50-60 cm. The bottom line is that the future of the basement walls are poured directly into the ground, and serve as both a foundation.First, do the formwork on the level of height of the cap or base spread from a brick.Then, the trench is filled and reinforced monolithic concrete.The widths of reinforced concrete (50-60 cm) is enough to basement walls are watertight, and the water does not penetrate into the basement.The soil from the interior of the future begin to take out of the basement after the concrete hardens.

This option has a significant drawback - the need for rapid device trenches and filling it with concrete.But further work can continue even one person.Pause and then resume it, you can almost any time, without any consequences for the quality of construction.

Therefore, this option of building a basement is more convenient for self-construction.But what is the option of building a cellar to choose - it's up to you!