Rubble concrete foundation

By Admin | Building
02 June 2016

This choice depends not only on what will be your vacation home - for example with a garage, cellar, cellar and similar premises - very natural basis is of great importance in the selection of the homeowner.

If you want to build your suburban villa on the sand - this is an option for one type of foundation, if it is clay soils are not stable and can be prone to landslides - is another matter entirely.In this article, we will not consider the construction of the bases with a large aggregate - rubble concrete foundations, or in the common foundation of natural stone and concrete solution.

ahead of events and anticipating questions about the cost of this type of foundation - just wanted to say that this type of foundation is the cheapest compared to other types of foundations.This is due to the small and labor (human costs and the costs of machinery), and the fact that the whole process could easily take place directly on the construction site of your future home.The only difficulty in the constructio

n of the entire process uses Construction of foundations - is the search and delivery of natural stone at the construction site.

If you have overcome this difficulty, and natural stone yet been delivered to you on the site - we start immediately the process of construction of the foundation.Start building the foundation necessary to cushion the device to the basement or foundation cushion.

depth of the cushion should be the foundation below the freezing depth of soil.This value should be specified for that climatic zone in which your construction site, will be your future house.Typically, central Russia, this value is between 70 and 120 centimeters.With this change in latitude value will vary upwards or downwards.Further, according to your project produce excavation under the load-bearing walls of your future home.

I would like to note what this type of foundation is good that when the device we can use the soil itself as formwork for foundation.This type of device is called - in the "thrust".We take for granted the presence of a cent, and water in your area.Note that for the preparation of the solution, we need cement - grade 500 - D0, sand (not necessarily the river, can be the one that dug trenches for the foundation of the pillow).Absolutely no mechanisms you do not succeed.Elementary cement mixer at a construction site must necessarily be present - the hands of such a volume of cement, sand and water knead you physically can not.

So now let's talk about the process.Knead the mixture of sand and cement should be in a ratio of 1 - 3 (sand).The amount of water should be selected on the eye, but this should be understood in mind that if the mixture is too dense and malovlazhnogo - she will not be able to fill all the voids between the stones.During that as you start to mix the concrete mix your helpers should start filling evenly dug a trench natural stones.

size of the stones should not be large or small.The average size - perfect for a natural filler - up to 40 cm in diameter.Grout should be alternated with a filling of natural stone.Thus, we get the so-called layer cake of stone and mortar.This alternation should be combined with tamper rubble concrete pads, with the aim of squeezing out air bubbles, avoid the formation of voids.

After foundation pillow will be filled to ground level (do not forget the fact that we are embedded in the foundation pad spacers) should wait for full hardening.Only then should a trowel and cement solution with sand to align foundation for the level.

After the foundation pillow ready - start construction of the cap.