How to build a dream home for a week?

By Admin | Building
02 June 2016

me, as any resident of the city, tired of the noise, dust and crowds, concerned about the problem of acquisition (construction) of his country house.For some time (probably due to the approach of a certain critical age) this idea more and more insistently makes its way from the subconscious and recalls that something must be done.To solve this problem is simple, with a certain amount of money and having studied the market of real estate sales.At the very least, but something you can choose.But this is not what you want, this is someone invented for themselves.And you want something of their own, that was not like everyone else.

And then there was a chance encounter with an old acquaintance, specializing in the construction and decoration of houses.He spoke about the construction of houses erected in a very short time, the new building of the "wonder material", the so-called structural insulated panels, which allows you to build a house of 100 square meters.m. per week, and small modules - all in one da


And this is where it all started.What is it - the construction of buildings with the use of thermo-bearing panels?Began an active search of all kinds of information.It turns out that to realize his dream of a country house is not so difficult as it seems.Happy to share with you the information produced.

First a little history

Frame construction has been widely used and spread in America, Europe and, most of all, in Canada.The first thing that resembles a sandwich panels in their modern design, steel products, which invented the American engineer Frank Lloyd Ryton in the early 20th century.The search for new technologies and work in this area led to the construction of advanced models - three-layer sandwich panels.Although it should be noted that their production at the beginning, it was hard and not fast enough.And only in 1960, it has developed a new technology of sandwich panels by Alside.This greatly increased the number of products and expand the scope of the construction.Currently, the technology frame construction, thanks to the emergence of a large number of unique materials, is gaining fame and popularity, and allows you to build a robust, secure capital and home.

In the Russian market imported sandwich panels first appeared relatively recently, and the growing demand for this material will soon lead to the emergence of factories for their production, based on foreign technology but satisfies Russian norms, standards and climatic conditions.Today there are more than 200 well-known manufacturers that produce and build houses for frame-panel technology.

What are these sandwich panels?

This is a three-layer "sandwich" structure, which consists of two steel plates and between them is the middle layer - a heater.Insulation usually consists of a polystyrene foam which has properties such as good sound insulation and low thermal conductivity, which protects the house from moisture, dampness and mold.

architectural solution of the houses built with the use of new technology can be of any complexity and planning.The manufacturer of pre-prepared project or customer project (or even a drawing or sketch of the future house) will produce a toolkit with all the wishes and features a constructive solution space for assembly on site.Building a house made of sandwich panels, you can in a very short time to build a house, significantly exceeding the terms of construction of traditional technology, such as a box home area of ​​200 sq.m.It can be collected in about a week.These designs are so simple and easy to assemble, that even in the case of unskilled labor, or construction of a house by the customer, the house will be built as soon as possible.

Since the weight of construction is small (maximum weight of the panel - up to 32 kg), the opportunity to use in building the foundation facilitated type that does not require laying it in great depth.As a result, you can do during installation without heavy construction equipment, which reduces the cost of its construction.

advantage of building technology

further advantage of the new construction technology - the cost of construction of 1 sq.m.(Finishing) will cost you several times less compared to building a house out of bricks.These structures are much stronger than conventional wood-frame, is much warmer than the concrete or masonry, are durable, reliable, good thermal insulation and environmental friendliness.

The materials of which the panel, do not adversely affect human health.House of new building material can successfully be used in regions with different climatic, seismic and weather conditions, while maintaining the conditions for a comfortable stay.

Facilities of sandwich panels can be built regardless of the season, in any weather, at low temperatures.This is facilitated by the absence of so-called "wet" processes used in the construction.From the set of panels manufactured builders on site facilities is collected, as a constructor, their task is to find the desired item and set a labeled at the place that provided by the project.After the construction of the main structure, carried out installation of communications, and the house is ready for final works - interior and exterior, as the houses built from panels, do not shrink.

the high quality of the internal surfaces to reduce the cost of finishing.Ideal obtained angles of joints between the walls, floor and ceiling.Through design features panel assembly, in a joint "wall-floor" no gaps that can replace the traditional moldings on a beautiful and practical casing.When finishing the exterior walls can be used a variety of materials: siding, wood, brick finishing, exterior paint, etc.It is also a great opportunity presented for interior decorating: panel having a perfectly flat surface is already ready, without aligning to finishing walls, ceilings and floors.

In addition, sandwich panels, have properties that in the future, the operation of premises, to help the future owner of a new housing significantly save on heating it - is the absence, due to the design features of the assembly house drafts.But, describing all the benefits of the new technology of building houses using a thermo-panels, I consider it necessary to note also the shortcomings identified in the process of studying the information.

Some (probably among the skeptics and pessimists rational), given the relatively small weight of the constructed structures, questioned the reliability and durability of houses.And the forest, God forbid, that this house and its inhabitants can happen something like history, described by A. Volkov "The Wizard of Oz."But seriously, the shortcomings still there, and it is, first of all, low water vapor permeability of the panels, which involves the installation of an effective ventilation.And also to consolidate in these homes to the wall or furniture any heavy objects interior is possible only in those places where you can attach them to the metal-frame panels.In a sense, this limits the possibility of equipping the interior designer.

However, the new technology panel construction, a recognized expert enough promising and effective construction system in the world that allows you to build a comfortable home in the shortest possible time, taking into account the needs and wishes of the customer.And your vacation home to become the way you want to see it, your dream come true.