Wooden fence

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02 June 2016
Before installing the fence every owner of the suburban real estate should know precisely the boundaries of their land.And as soon as cottager May directly on the ground said these four points outlining the boundaries of his possessions, the construction of the fence.

used for the construction of a fence at the beginning of pine, then oak poles.The thickness of the pine pillars 10 x 10 cm, oak 14 x 22 cm. Both have a length - 2.25 meters above the ground are 1.75, 0.5 meters below ground.

Before installing the lower part of the pillars prosmolili and top paint painted homemade.With the ice ax he made holes for pillars (faster than conventional drill) and buried them at a distance of 2.2 meters from each other.

Then in May the board purchased.For his fence length of 160 meters and a height of 1.75 meters took 8 cubic meters of edging boards.To the post in May with my wife decided to beat the Christmas tree edging board, but not before they stripped off her bark.In all this they spent a we

While May was busy with other works of his wife took up cooking homemade paint and painting the fence from the street

  • Linseed oil - 53 ml:
  • Rye flour - 97 g .:
  • Iron vitriol - 43 g .:
  • Salt - 43 g .:
  • Minium iron - 43 Kyu:
  • Water - 750 ml .:
  • Total weight - 1030 g .:
  • Area - 3.4 m / s 2:
Boil on the fire for about 30 minutes.

iron oxide included in the recipe, a reddish-brown color is a coloring pigment.The amount of added minium you can change the shade of paint

While laying one board to another overlap should be at least 2 cm (boards dry out).The optimum width of the boards of the fence should be - 20 - 25 cm:
- take less - is too thick, and not sparingly,
- to take large - 30 - 50 cm is also nothing beautiful in this will not, and these boards can crack onmiddle (and even more economical).

Amid the pine forest fence looks good.

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