An artificial pond at the site

By Admin | Building
02 June 2016

wonder many landscape designers often start with just a portion of the pond, having everything else around it.And if you think, does not arrive there by nature in the same way?Waters gathers birds and frogs, eating pests.Decorative carp or other fish pond is purified from mosquito larvae and other harmful insects.

Selecting the

choosing a place for the future of an artificial pond, go to the window of your house and find a place that can be clearly seen from the room where you spend the most time.Maybe it will inspire you even arrangement terraces, because you want to spend more time near the water.

Fountain - not a mandatory attribute of the pond, but he gives it an extra kick.Now on sale, you can see a very impressive model of fountains, some even with integrated lighting.Fountain, in addition to its decorative function, saturates the water with oxygen and creates a current, which prevents mosquitoes lay larvae there.

to an artificial pond, you will need a relatively flat area, otherwise you

will spend a lot of time and money by modeling the slope.This should be a flat area with no overhanging trees above it, as falling leaves can clog the fountain pump, and the shadow of the branches will stimulate the growth of algae, which give pond groomed look, if there is water on a regular basis will not change.


you can show your creativity and care for the environment, if you install a tank, from which the pond will come rainwater.It can be used either instead of running water, or serve as an additional source of water.And if you live in areas where water is scarce, the tank can really come in handy.In addition, if you plan to have fish, tap water will have to stand up a couple of days to get rid of the chlorine.


liner is needed for a small pond, that water is not seeping through the soil, leaving to groundwater.Lining for a large body of water can serve as a clay, but sometimes its transportation is quite expensive, so it is best to use pads.

Rubber and plastic sheet liners - the easiest way to build a large pond on the condition that the selected pad is large enough, and the material is thick enough.For the price of these liners are more expensive due to the cost of transportation, but it is ideal for large, deep reservoirs.

Frame inserts are usually made of fiberglass and are placed directly into the pit dug for a pond.They need to align, putting on top of the liner board and attach it level.Position the frame at the same time can be adjusted up until it snaps evenly.

Liners PVC is a great variety of sizes, as well as skeletal counterparts, but more flexible and easy to install.A simple example of a reservoir on the basis of such a liner - a children's pool, dug into the ground.


Pond transformed when aquatic plants like water lilies or lotus will bloom in the summer it round.Naturally, they do not require watering and careful care.

coastal plants growing around the pond, creating natural boundaries for him and serve as a kind of frame for a flowering aquatic.This water iris, flowering horsetail reeds and miniature.

marsh plants (bushes cranberry bog aster, white lobelia and Helon) love moist areas on the edge of the pond liner.

Deep plants and plants, saturating the water with oxygen (hornwort, waterweed) able to produce enough oxygen for respiration of fish in ponds where there is a fountain.

Fish and other inhabitants of the pond

in the pond is possible to get a goldfish or snails, tadpoles and water insects that will keep the pond clean.But even if you do not make every effort to the formation of the animal world of your pond, it will soon attract the birds, frogs and other small creatures.

You can also vary the terrain pond rocky overhangs and cascading waterfalls and around plant low shrubs and ornamental tropical plants.