Building a house on 4 acres

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02 June 2016

Confident in his abilities he decided to learn the wisdom of building on their own.Finding information on the Internet led him to where he lingered, drawing useful information.

Talk designed homes

plot Andrei small - four hundred, and very inconvenient for the construction of the house - 12 meters in width and 34 in length.He knew exactly what was going to build frame-panel house and how to plan for this plot of land is not expected.He was not used to deviate from the intended target, and as a result of reflection and debate with their families, at last, the final project was born.It was decided that it would be - a house with an attic floor, the size of 5.5 - 10 meters

By occupation Andrei lifetime wearing epaulettes, so the decision was subdivided into clear stages:

  1. given the task,
  2. grasped it,
  3. assess the situation, its strength, opportunities,
  4. make their own decisions.

In general, the whole family decided - building a brick house!The width of 5.5 meters at home, so he de

cided to make a side canopy.Of course, it is also a violation, but the canopy is much easier to demolish than to demolish the house.

Andrew are most concerned about, the technology of building frame-panel house?Theory theory, but it was terrible.And so he asked the party forum Dima - kubarik "obchertit" that was born in his mind.Planning was designed simple, but optimal.

First floor:

second (attic) floor:

Preparation formwork

Upon receipt of the project it's time to start building the foundation, which was a plate.

for its construction Andrew took three free builders at his friend.On the site at that time was a change house.Ukrainian guys offered it to break, but Andrew did not give it to do, but decided to postpone it, using logs and hydraulic jack.Cabins were collected from dyuymovka shaggy, covered with roofing material so in a single layer.Bungalow suffered moving with dignity, without big losses, even the roof remained intact, and does not flow in the rain.

May 30 workers started the excavation under the slab.The soil in the area is made up of land - 40 * 60cm.and Cambrian clay.For the export of land was bought a wheelbarrow, which he collected with grief in half, but the thing is that all the parts were on different models.Trough from one wheel on another tube frame - from the third, but eventually something where drilled, something which unbent ... In general, woozy, ohromevshaya, wheelbarrow began to carry out their duties.

clay foundation pit Alexander poured gravel and tamp it vibratory plates.On top put a 100mm extruded PPP in two layers, and everything is covered film.On top of it made reinforcement.On each side of the plate in the body is one layer (50mm) Epps.

Andrew embarrassed formwork foundation, but the workers in one voice assured that it will withstand the tank!

First lesson:

formwork must be flat, firm, exposed as precisely as possible!For then the same will be your foundation ...

Fill foundation

June 19 came the first mixer, and forThese and second.On casting took a little less than 14 cubic meters.

Andrew liked solution to Epps in the thickness of the concrete, but to fill it without sleeves is very troublesome.Epps always tries the float, then move to the outer wall that Andrew did not like.In general, he had to personally work hard because this operation to his brother-Slavs did not trust himself did what never regretted

poured concrete workers smoothed long boards set on edge by the upper edges of the formwork.But though the board and on the edge, yet she sagged, I found out only later, when Andrew saw a puddle after a rain on a foundation.More from the board grooves were that the allegations of workers' Potima sama razrovnyayutsya ".But they have remained.

second lesson:

after casting slabs need to try to smooth the surface as much as possible, then it will save you time, money, arms, and nerves ...

Next, work the concrete covered with polyethylene, and Andrew said goodbye to them, and the plate watered daily.

Removing formwork

July 9, exactly three weeks later, he took the formwork.Then missed the concrete on the sides and under the harness hydroprotective impregnated insulated sides remains Epps, put his own at an angle from the base and top of sand slipped, so you can walk.

The project was embedded anchor studs.But because of the lack of knowledge on their installation in fresh concrete Andrew stepped back from the project and spudded the anchor in the prepared foundation.

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