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02 June 2016
With the advent of the new season came the need to hire a professional for laying concrete blocks.But it was not so easy - or the price is sky-high, and people said, "Yes, I can ... And what is the glue masonry? ... I do not ... I used the solution."Therefore, together with her husband, they decided - that the first row will be laid themselves to building did not stand, but we'll see.

Laying concrete blocks and monolithic slab casting

on raft foundation, as waterproofing, Obiina a bed for 2 layers of roofing material promazyvaya of mastic asphalt.Then she began suffering and - by pouring horizontal grillage not checked, besides raft foundation was a stepped, so we had to cut aerated concrete blocks, and output horizontal saw.

When laying the first row of blocks placed at 5 cm overhang, so reliance on monolithic slab grillage left 8.5 cm. Formwork for monolithic slabs made from scrap materials and embedded in parts, periodically moving it.As reinforcement for the plate used with a wire mesh, 4 mm
thick and 100x100 cells.Everything is poured concrete M300, which is kneaded by hand, with the help of the workers.

between the wall and the monolith as "pads" it paved penofleks.The living room is planned to install fireplaces and stoves for strength, across the beams, she put a few more reinforcements.

With insulation overlap between the basement and the first floor she used Epps 10 cm, it laid waterproofing, then 10h10h4 grid, and in the end made 7 cm concrete screed on beacons.Warming of the floor of the first floor of 45 square meters, they have done over 2 days off (with the guests and barbecue).

cost foundation
  • cost of operation for pouring the foundation - 25 000 rubles;
  • Fittings - 35 000 rubles.
  • Concrete: 1 mixer - 20 000rubley;
  • cement, sand, gravel - 25 000 rubles;
  • Boer Tisza - 3500 rubles;
  • Ruberoid and mastic - 1 500 rubles;
  • Wire for mating fittings, etc.- 3000 rubles;
  • Decking - 5000 rubles.
Total for the foundation of about 120 thousand.

Tools for aerated concrete masonry
  • grater aerated.Her husband Obiina made independently, and this in a wooden board about 200h700 herringbone put hacksaw blades with a few teeth.To keep the tool attached to the back of the door handle of the old;
  • The store bought a saw for cutting aerated concrete;
  • wall chaser;
  • stacking blocks for the plant manufacturer recommends using a trowel size.But her husband Obiina used for these purposes trowel and trowel.

laying concrete blocks

During masonry blocks of reinforced every 3 rows, starting with the first.Reinforcement rods produced in diameters of 8 mm 2 rows.Each floor is reinforced in this way in three places.

masonry units engaged husband Obiina, and she helped him mentally, because even blocks could not bring - they are heavy, and went to the forest with difficulty, because scary.

Without adjusting units put walls uncomfortable, there is a discrepancy in height, and the smoothing trowel obtained perfectly even row.Cube blocks husband Obiina put in 2 hours, provided that the number of units aligned and are laying on the ground.To lay the back rows of the second floor had been hired assistants to drag blocks Top 500 rubles cube.
lot of time was spent: shtroblenie blocks for laying reinforcement, masonry Laying nets (formwork for window openings, masonry blocks, reinforcement, concrete pouring, concrete hardening).

By the end of the first floor Obiina began to wonder - what does make the second floor?She wished that the floor was reliable on the first floor, but then weighed amount of work and selected wooden beams.

At 5.4 meters span beam went 200x150, overflight 200x100 4.4 meters (could be less, but then would have been different floor height).On a bed beams edged boards 150h40 mm.

ceilings for insulation between the first and the second floor was used Rockwool Batts Light 100 mm.During installation, it became clear that it crumbles, and to save the eye Obiina wearing glasses.

costs floors 2 floors
  • on the beam 3 cube 1 cube 4800 rubles.- 14 400 rubles;
  • On the floor of the cube 2.5, 1 cubic 4800 rubles.- 12 thousand rubles;
  • 20L antiseptic Senezh Bio - 1 200 rubles;
  • shipping - 3 000 rubles.
Total on the floor of the second floor of 50 sq.m.spent - 27 600 rubles

cost of materials for the walls of the house
  • unit on the wall with the delivery and unloading - 225 000 rubles;
  • adhesive gazosilikata the basis of the T-112 - 50 bags of 280 rubles.- 14 thousand rubles;
  • armature for reinforcement of walls, 8mm 240m - 2 400rubley;
  • fittings 12mm to 320m Laying nets - 6000 rubles;
  • Cement for Laying nets - 5000 rubles;
  • rise blocks on the 2nd floor - 2 000 rubles;
  • at work on the rise of the concrete mixer and two Laying nets - 4000 rubles;
  • husband did masonry and Obiina helped.
Total for walls - 260 000 rubles.


as the material for the stairs to the second floor Obiina opted iron frame - will not creak like wooden and not so hard to build as concrete.So we decided to make the first iron frame.

Two days Obiina husband cooked ladder.For strength and stability a little crash into the wall.Stairway to obtain a stable, Obiina decided to sheathe her tree.For the production of such a ladder welders asked 10,000 rubles.

Materials for stairs
  • sill 2 - 3 360 rubles;
  • Corner 40 30 - 3000 rubles;
  • fittings - 750 rubles.
Total value ladder - 7110 rubles.


In discussing the height of the loft stood at 2.5 meters and height of the normal flow of the material and not very big.Bought beamed ceiling of the second floor, attic and roof system.

During the discussion it was decided to roof it is not warm, but the overlap between the second floor and attic of a well-planned warm - Epps 10 cm in two layers - 200 mm.

During filling Laying nets used for the roof reinforcement 12 mm.She also made the release of the vertically Laying nets.On top of the valve and put mauerlat bent rebar.On mauerlat floor joists, corners attached.Roof rafters nailed to the joists with nails.

costs roof
  • In the tree on the attic floor and rafter system given - 40 000 rubles;
  • Metal - 33 000 rubles;
  • Siding on filing 3000 rubles;
  • Batten and corners of 3000 rubles;
  • Waterproofing 1800 rubles;
  • nails, screws and other - 1 500 rubles;
  • Weathervane - 2 100 rubles;
  • Jobs - 60 000 rubles.
Total cost of the roof at 105 m: - 143 400 rubles.

windows and doors

As walling had to decide what to buy for the house windows.In the end, we choose the profile KBE expert 70mm fittings Mako.The cost of the windows was - 70 thousand rubles, delivery and installation.

High-quality steel entrance door though b / y.They put a new lock with vertical bolts and made upholstery.

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