House in the meadow acquires windows

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02 June 2016

Purchase and installation of windows

Andrew ordered through friends PVC windows, laminated outside under dark oak.Since the purchase cost less at 25 percent.In order to spend less money, he decided to install them on their own - resulting in significantly reduced estimates.

He then held a virtual analysis of the use of windows in the house of the future, in the course of which is determined by the need for the deaf, swivel, tilt and turn sash of each window.The result is a small saving.

When buying Andrew offered to select a window with lamination, both outside and inside, but it cost more.In order to save, he took to the outer lamination, and now it is obvious that the white frame does not really fit in the intended way of the ground floor rooms.

windows brought in time, but as usual, there were shoals.First of all, did not bring sets of anchors, it turned out that they had to be ordered separately.As a result, he had to run.Several frames were noticeable damage to the outer lamination ...

Because these injuries frame he did not return, satisfied almost new marker by which he disguised them.

Windows Andrei put the experience of 12 year-old installation of windows at home, which still stand, and do not disturb.

Windows installed in this order: shot glass, set in the opening frame, a box planted pieces of rail, put on a level horizon, vertical, put the plane window at the plane of the outer wall (bearing in mind that it would be siding and windowIt would be almost "drowned" deep opening).Then secure the anchor plate and zapenil gap.

Thus, by September 6 house has got new windows.

installation of roller shutters

Andrew built a house not for permanent residence, ie, cottage, and the issue of protecting the windows stood sharply.In the old country house everything is simple: set the inside removable shutters.

each time to remove and put them on the window he was tired, because such an option, he immediately dropped.Because there were only acceptable blinds, which have been ordered.

They also decided to install it myself not wanting to pay for the installation on the seller 'vitally offended. "Before buying asked: "you with an installation kit or without?" Dirty trick he did not expect so asked, what does it mean?According to the seller, "installation kit" means that almost all will be assembled, this kit will only put on the window.And without all the installation kit comes disassembled.This kit cost inexpensive, therefore, has been bought.
finally brought blinds.Him and had no idea what it is called "Installation Kit"!

profile (which is on the sides of the window) as being in their original packaging, and was sawed off in size.Accordingly, on the edge of the sweep of the question was not, in all chips, plastic inserts (made to the shutter itself is not rattling in the guide) battened down and fall out.Boxes are collected, but not bonded, with no holes!Holes in the guide either, but they are drilled at the site.But the caps to close these holes is also not supposed to.In general, from the collected web it was only very partially and shutters box.

Having previously purchased a set of spare parts, Andrei called the shop and asked, as if he set it sent?It turned out that, yes.Then vendor offered him privately send installers.

In general, Andrew had to pay the same unit, although cheaper than the company.But he did not regret, for he saw how they were tormented with these shutters, the examples exhibited zasverlivaya, proklepyvaya.

Before installing shutters, he found the use of pruning priokonnyh bars closed they zapenennuyu side slit.On the one hand the plastic smartly into the groove profile, on the other hand, I grabbed the plastic screws, because everything will go under the covering.

he ordered shutters on all the windows, and on the first floor - with locks.The windows of his house have a size of 1200x1200, blinds 1360h1360 respectively.Box 150, mechanism - cord, manual.Since almost half of the three windows, one can assume that his 8 and a half windows.Shutters cost him - 47500 rubles.

door installation

Shortly after the installation of windows brought the door - "Outpost".She put it simply and quickly.On the advice of the master, who brought the door he said, throwing regular anchor that is not suitable for wood, and bought others.

When the door was installed, he began zapenivat gap.The container with foam was nearly empty, so it really did not foamed.In the morning, of course, I found in several places on the sagging foam frame.To clean without a trace failed.The foam in contact with coated door made it matte.

Tip: have spray cleaner and immediately remove, fresh foam!It is only splash as it dissolves all!And be sure to check in an inconspicuous place like reacts with the coating, the foam and cleaner itself.

Despite minor troubles, was successfully passed an important stage of construction: closed outer contour of the house (not counting the siding).

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