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02 June 2016

For several years as a hardened city dweller and holiday party forum "Home and Cottage" VIEW (Victor) and his wife dreamed of settling in the country.

Lives Victor Rostov-on-Don and site selection was the main condition for distance from the city for at least 10 km.They work in the city and the problems with the road to and from work should not occur even in the event of machine failure.In the village, close to the city, he did not want to live, so there was only land in the CHT.

Since the beginning of active search area Victor started at least actively explore the technology of construction of individual houses.During the collection of information have helped him at the forum "Home and Cottage» Blackk and WIKTAR, and Alexander Solomennikov.

house project

experience in the construction he had little - assistant in the construction of a brick house.Therefore, for the draft he had to learn 3D home, explore the technology and the experience of other builders, and gain experience, he sketc
hed out a first draft.After he had a few more but, despite their lack of experience in a tendency to reduce the area of ​​the house.

As a result, Victor decided to build a single-storey brick house with a loft area which can be about 120-150 sq / m.

After careful calculations, he came to the conclusion - you need to minimize waste, and this based on the amount of lumber.And above all, we must pay attention to the size of the purchased material for the cladding of the house.

On the agenda were three options - plywood, OSB-3, DSP.From plywood he refused at once, and to choose between two similar materials suitable, it is long over them "mocked" - sawed, broke, kept in water for weeks.In the end it turned out that they were both good, but chose OSB.OSB sheets easier to handle easily and work more enjoyable.This is the only material that can tighten the screws at 10mm from the edge!What is very important for a thickness of 50mm racks.

Choice skin and size of a frame house of the future - 7,5h8,75 less - difficulties with planning, but more simple and do not have to!

site search

long 3 years Victor was looking for.During this time it was inspected multiple sites.But this can not continue for ever, and finally the wife of Victor view ads on the Internet and found such a suitable site.

Victor, without thinking twice, call the number indicated.The owner explained how to get there, and the next day they went to see the site.The site turned out to be good with trees and a fence.Victor, without saying a word, took the phone and told the owner that he takes a lot, and asked where to take a deposit.

Over time, he realized that it acquired the land, which was looking for.

site development

Do you remember the acquired land was empty, only trees and a fence.Therefore urgently had to build - the toilet!

Without thinking, he dug a hole and put on her booth, spending all one day and 1 thousand rubles.But one toilet in the country is indispensable, and the next day again, urgently needed cabins.

Ready cabins sold in stores have been standardized, and pricey, so Victor had bought 1.5 cube dyuymovka (2,5h100), yet he got 12 free sheets of plywood, a couple of rolls of roofing material, screws and the cordless screwdriver.

foundation for a shed he used the curb and alone for two weeks, it has constructed.The size of cabins was 4,5h4,5 meters, and the technology used to build the "dial-profile."During construction gained experience frame housing.

Bungalow cost cost in 9000 rubles.


CHT, which is a site of Victor, is supplied with irrigation water 2 times a week.At Victor at the site until the water was not, and the neighbors were well 8 meters deep.On the advice of a neighbor he had bought in the market with the drill rod length of 1.2 meters for 500 rubles, and custom-made 7 more rods and together with his wife drilled hole depth of 8 meters and a diameter of 200 mm.He inserted a drainage tube 160mm with a homemade filter, and connect the pump at the bottom of "The Kid."To connect the pump neighbor shared electricity.In this period of preparation before construction ended.

Foundation Housing

Initially, the question arose: how to make the foundation for the house?To choose the type of foundation you need all of them to learn and understand how they do what they are good, to determine the correct value for money.

turned so that the Poles - economy version, stove - it's expensive, the tape in the middle.Then he visited the idea to calculate the foundation, together with the overlap of the first floor.And he saw that the price of columnar foundations almost equal to the price of the plate!And because the stove is much more advantages he chose it, what now does not regret.

monolithic slab, he decided to do with the ribs on the perimeter and the center of the plate.To do this, on the perimeter and in the center, he dug a trench under the foundation on the depth and width - 60 cm. Sprinkled sand, rammed it and poured water.Then tie the frame of the armature 14 mm thick.

The space between the carrier and the perimeter of the center, he fell asleep gravel and sand, packed and tied rebar - 18 and 12mm.20cm increments.and then poured on top of the plate thickness of 45cm.

Pour the foundation decided to hand, using 130-liter mixer.On the way home in the store to buy cement and poured.The pouring of the foundation except his wife was his son.They ceaselessly churned, filled, kneaded, poured ... Well filled.The cost of the foundation was not considered, and added a lot of health!He threw almost 20kg.During filling do not forget about communication.

frame house

After pouring plates Victor bought lumber for the frame.As it turned out later, the calculation was correct, there is very little waste, and they, too, went into action.Having

plate steel rails on it to determine the location of the premises.Victor set the bar where it should be located on the project between the kitchen and living room, and my wife where she likes.For a long time they moved the bar, the victory of women's intuition, and time proved her right.We quickly be adjusted to the project, he moved doors, windows, and began a very interesting occupation - carcass.

Rack frame Get 3 meter height.According to the pattern he sawed the right amount of boards, using a hand-held circular saw Hitachi, which is indispensable when working with wood, other than that you need to buy Allen saw - it improves the accuracy of cut elements.

laid out and sealed bottom plate, made of planks 50h150 two layers, all the joints are spaced in the end we got a solid frame around the perimeter of the house and partitions.Mark on the harness attachment points rack and began to install them.

process occurs as follows: the wife was holding rack pressed to her level, and Victor fix them with screws.On the foundation has grown forest stands.After all the racks secured on the upper harness them, like the bottom.All stages of the controlled laser plumb and level.The calculations were correct, and customize virtually nothing had.

After the frame wall was ready, he gathered the attic ceiling joists, and covered it edging board, which then went to the roof battens.


After assembling the frame walls and ceilings of the first floor it's time to collect the roof frame.According to Victoria is an interesting and exciting experience that's just like the motor of Carlson's not.And then Victor drew attention to the metal fasteners and things went much faster and more fun.

During the construction of frame houses is very useful to use metal fittings, it is very convenient.

rafters to the ridge it is attached with metal corners and tightens galvanized studs.The design turned out delicate, but at the same time strong.The roof of the house, he sheathed boards.

Rafters on the house of Victor ends at the wall.That wall is not soaking, he did fillies and nailed them.After such additions in the roof overhang has become 60 cm. Experience has shown that this proved to be the optimum size.

House it is sheathed OSB both outside and inside, which further increased the rigidity of the structure.Between sheets of OSB he placed insulation.

Pie wall:
  • Siding;
  • membrane;
  • OSB;
  • Min wool;
  • Vapor;
  • OSB;
  • Finish.

During carcass walls and roof are very critical approach to compliance of all sizes, angles, verticals and horizontals !!!In the future, it will greatly facilitate your work.Properly designed and assembled frame saves: materials, time and labor!

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