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02 June 2016
All gardeners, before starting to build his first house read books, looking for information on the Internet and, of course, communicate on holiday forums, asking for tips - kasper66 no exception and went the same way.

As mentioned above, the problem was this - you need to build a small room where you can relax in the summer season.

cabins he did not want to buy - do not quality, and price increases in calculating all the costs: the price of cabins + shipping + unloading and more side effects - the machine will not be able to stop by the site or the entire site perepashut wheels, and the size of the meter 6h2,3he is not satisfied.

kasper66 wanted to build a house - to work with their hands, to attach his son to become a house of relatives and loved ones.

construction house


for laying the foundation he dug pits 50-50 cm. Covered them with sand and rammed.Then put the paving tiles and 40x40 top block of foundation: 20h20h40 see. They are, for waterproofing, bed sheets roofing felt, an
d the top set the sill and from the beam.


Before construction it took graph paper and drew a house plan 1: 100.The figure indicated the distance between the studs, taking into consideration the width of the bars and insulation.For wall insulation applied "Ursa" -maty size of 60cm, so the width of the pitch between the studs, was 60 cm. Struts to strengthen the frame, he did not.


beginning was made rough floor, which was going from the eaves board.Then, for insulation foam, he spread a 5 cm., And the top covered floorboard.Wooden floors it has processed antiseptic.


On the roof he used "Bituvel" analog "Ondulin" but a little cheaper.Crate made in increments of 30 cm.

walls of the house, he fitted a breathable film, and then sheathed dyuymovka board width of 125 mm.plating method "American."Nails are driven into space, where the rack, one on top and one underneath.Most long boards were 4.2 meters, they passed through the back wall, above the door and underneath.The corners of the house, he sheathed bars 50x70 cm left after the racks.

According to the plan size of the house turned 4,2h2,2 meters.On all construction it took three weeks.In terms of value - from the sand to the power tool and the last screws, one word at all costs - about 60 thousand 2008 prices.While the cabins cost in those regions 30-40 thousand. Rub.

During construction he used the jigsaw and screwdriver and of course the hand tool.

House for summer operation and heating stove is not calculated.Autumn brought heater, which in 15 minutes.I warmed the room.After the winter the windows and doors are functioning normally.

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