House in the meadow dressed in siding

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02 June 2016

search firm or workers who would be able to install the siding, showed that the cost of the work will cost Andrey twice as expensive as buying Canadian siding with a complete set of elements.He is not satisfied, and he decided to do it all himself.

Before buying, he and his wife visited the home with siding and decided to purchase Mitten.Color solution chosen is: bottom - Sandalwood, top - Ivory.However, after purchasing it turned out that the color is not the one they wanted, but he still liked them.

features Siding:

very strongly perception of color depends on the light and time of day.It is necessary to take this into account!

walls of his house longer than the standard panel siding, so he decided to join the H-profile as docking overlap was not satisfied.As a result, not lost, it looks much better, although it increases the estimate.Then he hired a worker, as one would be inconvenient, so - long.

wanted to purchase a set of nails to fasten the siding, but in time lear

ned from the worker, it is better to strengthen the "bugs".According to Andrew, "I can not imagine what it would be with my fingers if roofing nails began to beat ... It's not even masochism is much steeper."

for scaffolding, it was decided to use existing boards 50x200.As a result of these timber constructed alternately on all four sides.The design turned out strong.

with window openings had some trouble because of roller shutters, as a result, he decided to use priokonnuyu bar.

When making angles overhangs, awnings, roof ends had to spend a lot of additional elements.But he deliberately went at it and did not regret it because the neighbor's house trimmed and saved, and now some corners dispersed, silicone fall off.In general, for himself, he decided that if they spend money on expensive siding, it is impossible to save on small things.

During construction all the household help as best they could, and within 15 days of the whole house was encased with siding.


  1. Nails - in the furnace!This is the case when you can not take on faith the recommendations of manufacturers.Use the "bugs", white (yellow) screws with wide hats!Sufficient length of 25 mm.Spin quickly, conveniently, injury prevention and you can always just turn away, if the "Torsion".
  2. Consider the maximum location of the "curtain" components: counters, antennas, boxes and so on. The fact that it's all OVER attach siding fail, as it will sag and will look ugly.Cutting is not always a way out.Lining board in place of the future will solve many problems mounting.Andrew believes that the best left unused under the siding mortgages than to fix without

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