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02 June 2016
foundations of the house

The basis of the future frame house Yefim picked up the project forumchanin Yury, bit it changed to your liking.Under this project with his father poured foundation.We did it that way.First dug shallow belt zaglublёnny foundation to a depth of 20 cm, rammed vibratory plates, exposed timbering, to make the desired height cap.

as reinforcement for the foundation used:
  • horizontal operating fittings - d16 AIII (periodic section);
  • vertical operating fittings - d10 AI (smooth) in increments of 400mm .;
  • Structural reinforcement - d6;
  • whole foundation of poured concrete - M300.


Drainage around the future of home made intelligent and everywhere achiever working Parviz.To do this around the house, he dug a trench, laid geotextile, sleep 20 cm gravel gravel (5-20 Fr.), put in a drain pipe geotextile (d = 160), fell asleep gravel 20cm above the pipe and then wrapped geotextile lap and covered with sand.In some places he established manhol
es for maintenance of the system (red pipes), but you can do without them.

construction frame house

After all the modifications of the project at home in September, Yefim continued its construction.The frame assembled from planks 50x200 mm screws applied anodized, nails simmer varnish.In short trying to build so that it is reliable.Nails is used in structural elements that can work "to shift" in those places where the load "peel" he used screws.

Despite the long preparation for the construction of houses of the final draft has not been done.Each stand had vymeryat and install personally, given the door and window openings, the organization of interior space and terraces.I do not forget about the width of 600mm of insulation, so the step counters (on axis) tried to do from a distance of 630 mm.Then, taking into account the thickness of the uprights 50mm insulation tightly stands in the cell skeleton, not too deformed, leaving no gaps or requiring additional cutting (and, hence, less waste).

The construction height of the first floor from the sub-floor to ceiling - 2 900 mm and the height of the second floor from the sub-floor to ceiling - 2 500 mm.Between floors installed girder section 100h200 mm.

As a result, the pie of the wall (inside to outside) turned out like this.First comes a layer of OSB-3 10mm.vapor barrier, insulation Rockwool Batts Light 200mm, windscreen Yutavek 85, OSB-3 10mm, Siding Mitten (Canada) Series - Oregon Pride.Facades (color) - Brownstone, eaves (color) - Frost.


on the roof of his house did Yefim roof follows.As it should first put the roof structure of the boards - 50x200 mm, they nailed the crate from the boards 100h25 mm, OSB-3 -10mm, vapor barrier, insulation - 200mm waterproofing Tyvek, kontrobreshetka - 50x50 mm., OSB-3 -10mm, carpet backingand topcoat.

ventilation through the roof horse (aerator ridge Ridge Master Plus) binder and overhangs (Ceiling panel 1/3 perforation Mitten Frost).So that's part of the roof battens and counter battens on nedoglyadu reversed.Finish - Shinglas Jazz, color Nazca, three-layer and it looks three-dimensional.

Electricity and heating

During carcass was working on parallel wiring electricity, heating and water supply.

Yefim invited stove-fitter, who resigned stove and fireplace.Smoke in the furnace passes through the furnace 4 heats the knee and then goes into the pipe.The stove includes: oven and cooking hobs.Link the stove is excellent.Fireplace launched into the same pipe.For work
Pechnikov paid 90 thousand rubles.

oven heats only one part of the house.Therefore, the construction of the house there is a need to put the boiler on diesel fuel.It is planned to bury the capacity to store fuel volume 2-3 cube.


openings for windows located at a height of 90 cm from the floor.On the ground floor openings for windows 123h150 mm, the second 123h123 mm in the boiler room - 100x150 mm.


On the main facade, he made a wide outdoor terrace width of 2 meters with a canopy of the rain.The roof terrace is supported by means of pillars thick 150x150 mm on the foundation of the house.Part of the terrace (60 cm) hanging in the air.For the beauty of a terrace he wants to bring electricity to illuminate the path before the house on the side

enclosed terrace everything was much more complicated.Therefore, to strengthen the roof and walls had to dig 5 wells 2 meters deep to insert them in the pipe of 200 mm and set in concrete.And to strengthen the terrace to the posts 20 welded girders and construction leaned on the terrace.

Construction spending

  • Lumber - 172 000 rubles;
  • OSB-3 350 sheets - 152 500 rubles;
  • Sundry: fasteners, hardware, supplies, tools and so on - 243 306 rubles;
  • Materials stoves / fireplaces - 72,156 rubles;
  • Materials on the electrics - 60,302 rubles;
  • Materials wiring heating and water - 52,055 rubles;
  • Plastic windows VEKA package delivery - 140 000 rubles;
  • windows, two doors, two windows under round skate with glass, window sill boards; - 77 850 rubles;
  • facade materials: the whole insulation, siding, sills, trims, film, spotlights, borders, corners, screws, etc.- 472 138 rubles;
  • roof materials - 484 768 rubles.
Total spent on the construction of the house - 1,927,075 rubles.

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