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02 June 2016

this story now would not have happened if Vladimir accidentally bumped into an old film, which he scanned and posted on the forum for all those interested in country construction


Hosts cottages Vladimir offered to make the porch of the house,and next to it a platform where he stood to BBQ, tables and seating.Side of the house had to build a pergola.And how to do it Vladimir had to decide myself.

pondered this offer, he decided that the side of the house you need to build a 6-meter pergola under the clematis.Trite grill it did not want to put, so he strained his imagination and thought of school geometry course, which told him what should be a pergola.As a result, that's what happened.

porch in the backyard

Initially backyard looked

After weighing the pros and cons Vladimir proposed by the door at the entrance of the house, make a porch without a roof, but with exposed beams, whichin the future it will be possible to put some creepers.To the right of the porch, he decided

to make a BBQ area and tables where you can relax while enjoying the sunset, and absorb what was cooked on the grill.

Since the porch is outdoors and the roof above it there, Vladimir floored herringbone with slits of 1 cm.

in the place where she was to be located recreation area for the ground represented the pure clay, soit was necessary to provide drainage.For this he took the topsoil, threw corrugated hoses, which previously made the hole and brought them out of the future site.Then tape made of the perimeter of the foundation, under the grill and under the bead flower beds.Sleep 20 cm of gravel, 10 cm of sand, everything watered with water and rammed and tiled top, do not forget to leave room for flowers.

And that's what came out of it

into the pits at the site are asleep fertile soil to plant flowers then.Around the walls of the house in the middle of the pit area is also located.As it is planned to plant parthenocissus.

All wooden parts: the porch and pergolas he covered in 3 layers tikkuriloy.

seeing the results of Vladimir, the owners of the house were very pleased and porch and pergola.

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